Regenerative Medicine: Helping Those with Bone on Bone Diagnosis

Arthritis is one of the leading causes of tissues and cartilage degeneration that causes chronic pain in various parts of the body. When tissue degeneration becomes advanced, it is often referred to as bone on bone arthritis. Patients with bone on bone arthritis have complete joint space narrowing as a result of cartilage loss. This means that the bones (of the knee, shoulder, hip, or wrists) are rubbing together which causes extreme pain. The purpose of cartilage is to support and cushion the movement of joints and bones. Loss of this tissue therefore leads to chronic pain that can disrupt mobility and every day activity. Bone spurs are often present in patients with bone on bone arthritis as the bone grows out in attempts to make up for the lost cartilage. In addition to extreme pain, bone on bone arthritis may also cause locking or sticking of the affected joint, clicking noises when moving the joint, and decreased range of mobility. Bone on bone patients are told that their last hope is complete joint replacement surgery as they have no cartilage left to save. Joint replacement surgeries, however, don’t always have such positive outcomes and may lead to further complications.

bone on bone arthritis - Stem Cell Therapy Near Me

Alternative Medicine Options For Bone on Bone

The truth is, if you are able to move your joint at all, then there are still live tissues present in the joint. Recent research into regenerative medicine, which includes stem cell injections, has shown that even those who suffer from bone on bone arthritis can experience tissue regeneration. While those with bone on bone arthritis may have very little tissue left and extremely thinned out cartilage, they still possess microvessels that contain oxygen and red blood cells within the joint. These microvessels are essential in healing - cortisone shots and surgery destroy these microvessels, meaning that those treatment options are actually detrimental to the natural healing process. Regenerative medicine, on the other hand, supports your body's natural ability to heal itself. This regenerative therapy is a non-invasive, drug-free option that is available at Chronic Care of Richmond & Regenerative Medicine.

Are you tired of hearing that surgery is your only option? Surgery can lead to complications, infections, and long recovery times. The risk of complications also increases with age. At Chronic Care of Richmond & Regenerative Medicine, we believe in therapies that support healing and require minimal recovery time. Our regenerative medicine utilizes mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) and human tissues to support the body's natural healing abilities. This injection therapy targets the affected joint and supplies it with MSCs, which are known as the building blocks of life. MSCs are able to directly address the pain and inflammation that is caused by arthritis, even in bone on bone patients. This simple in and out procedure can be completed within 30 minutes - some patients may require more than one session. Don't let degenerative, chronic arthritis take over your life. With the help of Chronic Care of Richmond & Regenerative Medicine, you can have your life back. Patients have experienced positive results including less pain and a return of normal range of motion. Patients no longer need to fear the worst when they hear "bone on bone." With regenerative medicine using stem cells, you can finally experience freedom from your degenerative chronic joint pain. If you are interested and want to learn more about how Chronic Care of Richmond & Regenerative Medicine can help you or a loved one, request for more information by filling out the form on this page or register for a free informational seminar.

bone on bone arthritis - Stem Cell Therapy Near Me

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Why Patients Choose Regenerative Medicine To Relieve Their Chronic Pain

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Alternative to Surgery

Regenerative medicine, using stem cells, activates the body's natural ability to repair, rebuild, rejuvenate and heal itself.

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Procedures take about 30 minutes and are so gentle, patient requires no medication or recovery time.

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Effective, Long-term Results

Regenerative Therapy has the potential to provide long-term results for multiple chronic conditions.

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Our regenerative medicine products (including human cell, tissue and stem cells products) are sourced from an FDA-registered lab and are safe for homologous use.

Step 1

If you are interested in regenerative medicine (especially regenerative procedures using stem cells), we suggest that you begin by registering for one of our free educational seminars or call us to reserve your seat.

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While attending our brief seminar, you will learn about regenerative procedures using stem cells, and the affordable options associated. You'll leave with a clear understanding of alternative options available to help address your chronic pain.

Step 3

Once you've attended a seminar, you can schedule a one-on-one consultation with our medical staff to review your health history, perform a physical exam, take x-rays if needed (at no additional cost), and provide a personalized recommendation.

Step 4

Receive your regenerative procedure and let the therapeutic results begin! Follow-up appointments at 3, 6, 9 and 12 months are included as we monitor your progress.

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Reviews & Success Stories

Very pleased with results of stem cells
— George Siecko
Posted November 17th 2019
Seven weeks ago my back pain had been controlling my life. I had my stem cell implant. My pain has improved 75 percent. My quality of life has been great!! So much thanks to Dr Snyder an his team !!
— Clifford Connell
Posted October 10th 2019
Chronic care of Richmond has relieved the pain in my knee that I had been going to get fluid drained and shots that only lasted a couple of weeks. I was told that I needed to have my knee replaced because it was bone on bone but I was not old enough so my future for the next 6 to 7 years was to keep getting fluid drain...
— Keith Swann
Posted September 9th 2019
The cartilage in both of my knees had eroded to the point where I could hardly walk without a cane. After talking to my doctor, he informed me that the only choice I had was to have both knees replaced. Fortunately, while browsing thru Facebook one day, I ran across this ad from Dr. Snyder offering a treatment using st...
— Ronnie Godley
Posted March 5th 2019
I have been a patient of Dr. Bryant Snyder for over 5 years. Before seeing Dr. Snyder I had two prior surgeries on my lower back and my quality of life was miserable. I was unable to participate in most of the activities that I would typically enjoy doing with family and friends. I remember when I first talked to him I...
— areseetee
Posted May 24th 2018
Totally recommend this place 110%
— Patti Hughes
Posted February 27th 2018
I love this place! I have suffered with neuropathy for years thinking I just had to learn to deal with the pain. I refuse to take the typical medicine given to a neuropathy patience. Dr. Snyder’s treatment is about healing the body not masking the problem with medicine. I am halfway through my treatments and alrea...
— Maria Christoforatos
Posted January 15th 2017
I have been a patient of Dr. Snyder's for years. He has helped me with so many issues throughout the years. From adjustments during pregnancies, adrenal problems, migraine problems from misalignment and so many other issues. I cannot say enough good things about his work. He is very thorough, consistent, gentle and ge...
— Shauna Stanton
Posted March 3rd 2016
Dr. Bryant Snyder has been treating me and members of my family for several years. I have seen Dr. Snyder for general injuries I've obtained from running and he has always been able to identify the problem and help me get back on my feet. The office is run extremely well. He takes his patients on time, which is impo...
— Michael Barnett
Posted November 2nd 2015
Dr. Snyder really cares for his patient's wellbeing and getting them better! You are in the best hands in this office. The office and staff are very warm, caring and very professional. Highly recommended!
— Gabriel O'Brien, DC
Posted October 14th 2015

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