Male Hair Restoration

Hair loss is a common part of the aging process for many men. More than 50 percent of men experience hair loss at some point in their life, and the process can begin in men as young as 25. Hair loss is natural with aging, but it can also be caused by a hereditary history of male pattern baldness, hormonal changes and underlying medical conditions. Hair restoration specialists have developed a variety of treatments for hair loss, but PRP hair restoration is the most successful natural therapy for restoring hair growth.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Hair Restoration for Men

PRP hair restoration is a non-invasive, non-surgical therapy that stimulates the body's natural hair growth process. As a holistic solution, PRP hair restoration focuses on healing the cause of hair loss and stimulating new growth from the roots.

What Causes Hair Loss in Men?

There are various causes of hair loss in men, but the most common is male pattern baldness. Also known as androgenic alopecia, this type of hair loss most commonly affects men over the age of 50. Symptoms of male pattern baldness include:

  • Hair thinning that begins at the hairline, leading to a receding hairline over time.
  • Hair continues to thin, becoming shorter and finer until all that is left is a ring around the base of the head.
  • Without treatment, this pattern of hair loss leads to baldness.

Though common, male pattern baldness can deeply affect a man's confidence. If you are a man suffering from hair loss and searching for viable hair restoration therapies near you, Chronic Care of Richmond & Regenerative Medicine is here to help. With our natural, minimally invasive PRP hair restoration therapy, you can tackle hair loss holistically.

Chronic Care of Richmond offers PRP hair restoration for men in Richmond as an affordable and holistic solution to hair loss.

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What is Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)?

PRP is a potent, protein-rich plasma that is derived from your own blood. Blood is made up of platelets and red and white blood cells. The platelets are responsible for blood clotting and activating healing in the body. PRP is a concentration of these healing platelets. When PRP is injected into the scalp where hair loss is occurring, the healing abilities of these proteins can stimulate new hair growth.

How is PRP for Hair Restoration Made?

When you arrive at our facility for PRP hair restoration therapy, a licensed physician will draw your blood and place it into a centrifugation machine. This machine spins rapidly, separating the platelets from red and white blood cells. Once the platelets are separated out, their concentration is increased and we are left with a rich, healing serum. This highly concentrated serum is the PRP that will be injected into your scalp to restore hair loss.

How Does Male Hair Restoration with PRP Work?

Step 1

You arrive for your appointment and your attending physician draws your blood.

Step 2

Your blood is placed in the centrifugation machine, which separates the platelets from the red and white blood cells. Centrifugation also increases the potency of the platelets, leaving a protein-rich serum (or the PRP) that will be used to stimulate your body's natural healing process.

Step 3

Your physician injects the PRP into your scalp at the areas that you are experiencing hair loss. You may feel mild pain during the injections, but side effects are minimal and you should not expect downtime. You can return to normal daily activities right after the procedure.

Step 4

Most patients see results within 1-3 months of an initial series of PRP hair restoration injections. For sustained hair growth, we recommend injections every 6-12 months.

Natural Hair Restoration for Men

At Chronic Care of Richmond & Regenerative Medicine, we believe that the healing powers of the body should always be utilized before invasive treatments. Other hair restoration therapies, such as transplants and plugs, are dangerous and limited in their hair restoring capabilities. PRP hair restoration, on the other hand, is a safe and natural approach to hair loss. Increased hair count and volume has been seen by many patients that choose PRP hair restoration.

If you believe that PRP hair restoration may help improve your confidence or that of a loved one, please contact us today for more information.

Male Hair Restoration FAQs

Male pattern baldness, also known as androgenic alopecia, is the most common cause of hair loss in men. It typically occurs in older men but may start as early as ages 25-30. This type of hair loss is hereditary and is not caused by underlying health conditions. Male pattern baldness occurs in a specific pattern: hair thinning at the temples, a growing bald spot in the back of the head, and continued thinning at the crown of the head meeting with the widening bald spot in the back until finally only a "horseshoe" shaped ring of hair is left around the bottom of the scalp.

Hair loss in men can have other causes, including cancer, medical conditions, autoimmune disorders and infections of the scalp. Hair loss caused by underlying conditions such as these is best treated by addressing the conditions themselves.

There are many treatments for hair loss available, from drugs and creams to invasive hair transplants. PRP hair restoration is a natural, regenerative medicine solution that does not carry the same risks as other types of hair loss treatments.

This hair restoration therapy utilizes PRP, a platelet rich serum derived from your own blood, to stop hair loss and introduce hair follicle recovery. PRP is an autologous solution that is rich with healing growth factors -- when injected into your scalp, these platelets encourage your body's natural healing process, improve hair thickness and increase overall hair count.

Early treatment improves your chances of hair restoration. During hair loss, the hair growth cycle is interrupted until the follicle is no longer able to produce new hairs. When hair loss is widespread, the success of any type of hair restoration treatment is low. If PRP hair restoration is introduced into the early stages of hair loss, however, the chances of complete baldness are drastically reduced. Men with thinning hair and minimal balding are great candidates for PRP hair restoration.

Individuals suffering hair loss due to an underlying condition, like lupus or cancer, are not great candidates for this type of procedure.

Everyone responds differently to PRP treatments and there is no defined success rate for PRP hair restoration. On average, patients see substantial results (up to a 30% increase in hair growth) within six months of their first three treatment sessions. Repeated sessions are recommended within 12 months to maintain the rate of hair restoration.

PRP is not an immediate solution -- at least three to six months are needed for initial results. Once hair begins to regrow, however, results are long-lasting. Touch-up treatments are recommended annually for the best results.

Yes, PRP is one of the safest hair loss treatments available. Rogaine, a common topical medication for hair loss, is known to cause serious side effects. Hair transplants, another common hair loss treatment, carries the risk of infection. PRP, on the other hand, is derived from your own blood and therefore carries an extremely low risk of infection or other negative side effects.

During your first PRP hair restoration treatment, you will be evaluated by our medical team. We will discuss your current symptoms and history of hair loss. If you are deemed a good candidate for the procedure, you will receive three initial injections one month apart. Additional injections can be scheduled 6-12 months after the first round.

We ask that all PRP hair restoration patients arrive with freshly shampooed hair and a clean scalp. Additionally, any hair products (hair spray, gels, etc.) cannot be used for up to three days before your appointment. As blood will be drawn during the procedure, we recommend you arrive with a full stomach and stay hydrated. Please avoid NSAIDs and anti-inflammatory medications such as aspirin, Advil, Motrin, Ibuprofen, Naproxen, Voltaren, and others up to a week before your appointment.

After your treatment, we recommend you to take it easy for two to three days and avoid any vigorous activity. While gentle washing of your hair is okay, avoid any chemical treatments such as color or perms for at least 72 hours after.

Why Patients Choose Chronic Care of Richmond & Regenerative Medicine

Low Cost PRP hair restoration Richmond
Alternative to Surgery

As chronic pain specialists, we provide proven alternative treatment options. Our goal is to help you avoid unnecessary surgery and medications.

Warranty PRP hair restoration Richmond

Our procedures require no medication or recovery time. Most in-office procedures are 30 minutes or less.

On Time PRP hair restoration Richmond
Effective, Long-term Results

Unlike medications that mask symptoms, we address the root of your issues, providing long term results and allowing your body to heal and, in some cases, regenerate.

Highest Reviews PRP hair restoration Richmond

The treatments we offer are non-invasive and safe and have little to no side effects.

Highest Reviews PRP hair restoration Richmond
Cutting Edge

Our mission is to provide our community with cutting-edge regenerative practices to address your chronic pain and promote healing.

Highest Reviews PRP hair restoration Richmond
Caring Staff

Our staff is knowledgeable and caring. Through follow-ups after your procedures, we are with you through every step of your healing process.

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Pain in shoulders and knees is gone! I walk like a man much younger than I am - walking/hiking miles per day!
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Superb Service with Painless Results
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Sounded really great until a scam caller caused me to loose connection. Joining the next viewing on 25th
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Dr. Bryant is top notch. I love hearing all the testimonials about these alternative medicines including regenerative medicines, using stem cells! Such exciting results!
— Amber Christiansen
Posted February 27th 2020
I had an injection in my left hip. Went from going up the stairs leaning heavily on the handrail to walking up easily within 3 months, and back to hiking!! I would definitely recommend this procedure to anyone with cartilage degeneration but don't wait until it's all gone!
— Gail Jordan Berben
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I had a stem cell injection in May, 2019. for my left knee. It feels 80% better. Still have a little pain, but I will continue to exercise and watch the foods I eat. I recommend this for anyone that need a knee replacement.
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Excellent and knowledgable team!
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Seven weeks ago my back pain had been controlling my life. I had my stem cell implant. My pain has improved 75 percent. My quality of life has been great!! So much thanks to Dr Snyder an his team !!
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Chronic care of Richmond has relieved the pain in my knee that I had been going to get fluid drained and shots that only lasted a couple of weeks. I was told that I needed to have my knee replaced because it was bone on bone but I was not old enough so my future for the next 6 to 7 years was to keep getting fluid drain...
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I had a very bad arthritic knee. had to get two to three injections yearly. Decided to have the stem cell injection, followed the instructions and I have been doing so well that I only returned for one follow up visit. No pain, great movement and I honestly believe similar results can be yours.
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I attended Dr. Snyder’s hour seminar two weeks ago, scheduled a one on one consultation and signed up. Last Friday was the start of being able to become more active. Today Sunday all is well! I look forward to being able to take “long” walks again soon. I bet I’ll lose a few pounds in the process. My follow up...
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