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Get Your Life Back With Chronic Pain Relief

Non-Drug, Non-Surgical Solutions for Chronic Joint Pain

We address joint pain at its source with non-drug, non-surgical treatments that help relieve pain, improve mobility, and get you back to enjoying pain free activity. It’s time for long term relief.

Chronic Care of Richmond

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Chronic Pain Treatment Repair Damage & Bring Relief

We offer our patients non-surgical, non-opioid chronic joint pain relief. We help those with chronic pain and conditions like osteoarthritis, joint pain, knee pain, and more. Our approach addresses pain at its source and kickstarts your body’s self-healing mechanisms to repair damage and bring relief.

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Joint Pain Screening & Seminar Free range of motion screening and educational seminar

Discover how non-invasive regenerative therapies can help heal degenerative knees, arthritis, bone-on-bone, and alleviate soreness, aching, and creaky joints. Avoid knee and hip replacement, or invasive surgeries. Learn how our treatments pave the way for your pain-free, active lifestyle

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Chronic Pain Relief Richmond

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How Does Regenerative Treatment Relieve Joint Pain?RVA Today

The regenerative therapies at Chronic Care of Richmond reduce inflammation, repair and regenerate tissue, and decrease pain. We are an integrated medical clinic which means we offer a non-drug, non-surgical approach to chronic joint pain. (no addictive opioids / pain medications)

Types of conditions we treat include:
Bone-on-bone, Degenerative Knees and Hips
Chronic Back Pain
Shoulder, Wrist and Elbow Pain and Damage
Ankle or Foot Pain including Plantar Fasciitis

Non Surgical Relief and Healing for Joint PainRVA Today

If you've been told that you need knee surgery, back surgery, shoulder surgery, hip surgery... you MUST watch this video. Our regenerative treatments at Chronic Care of Richmond are life changing and many of our patients have avoided surgery and have mobility, range of motion, no pain, and have gotten back to living life again!

Teri Lost 35 Pounds in 2 Months on Weight Loss RVA!RVA Today

FREE Joint Pain Range of Motion Assessment!

Reserve your FREE Joint Pain Range of Motion Assessment & Seat at our Educational Seminar with our Medical Team. Learn how advanced treatments, like Regenerative Medicine, can help relieve or reverse your Knee, Hip, Neck, Shoulder, Back & Other Joint Pain!

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Seminar participants will receive one free range of motion assessment on the joint that is the primary area of concern. Additional range of motion testing may be conducted at future appointments if you become a patient. Limit one assessment on one joint per patient.

Through chronic pain therapy, patients have experienced relief from their conditions, including:

Peripheral Neuropathy (nerve degeneration)
Chronic Joint Pain
Neck Pain
Back Pain
Degenerative Knee Pain

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Richmond Chronic Pain Treatment.

Chronic Joint Pain Relief Customer Success Stories

Suffering from chronic pain in your joints? We offer non-opioid, pain relief treatment that activates your body's natural ability to repair, rebuild, rejuvenate and heal itself. Join the Chronic Care of Richmond team and learn about how our joint pain program supports your body’s self-healing mechanisms to regenerate and repair damaged tissues and cells.

Kate's Chronic Pain Relief Success Story

"Now I am not on any pain medication, and I can do stairs. I can have fun with my grandkids!"

Marilyn's Peripheral Neuropathy Success Story

"My medication has been cut by more than 50%. My balance is so much better, and I am walking straight for the first time in a long time."

Mr. Watts' Peripheral Neuropathy Success Story

"I was treated for peripheral neuropathy and I've slept through the night for the first time in a long time!"

Susan's Neuropathy Success Story

Susan came in with severe numbness in her feet causing major balance issues. We treated her with our neuropathy program and after 6 months she has 100% sensation back in her feet and the balance problems are gone! There is hope!

Chronic pain relief discount for veterans

We Appreciate Our Veterans

We are grateful for the sacrifice our servicemen and women make for our country. To show our appreciation, we offer a discount to our Veteran patients. Ask our friendly staff for more information!

Meet Our Team Click Image to Read Bio

We're value-driven and results-oriented. Our best endorsement is from our own patients!

The moment you walk into Chronic Care you will be greeted by a friendly staff and music! The whole staff is awesome and truly care about their clients. I highly recommend!
— Rebecca Crawford
Posted June 10th 2024
Went yesterday for my first visit to talk about the program cost and the process. Jessie Allen explained everything I needed to know. There were no hidden expenses. Plus, it was my birthday yesterday, so that made it even better. Jessie and the other staff made me feel so comfortable. All staff was amazing, friendly, a...
— Katrina Ball
Posted February 22nd 2024
This program has been a great experience so far and the coaches have been knowledgeable, professional and extremely helpful during this process of my lifestyle change. I am about 36 days in and have lost over 17 pounds - 1/3 of my goal. While I know the do's and don'ts, this program has assisted me with making better...
— Heather Payne
Posted November 20th 2023
Great weight loss program with outstanding council and guidance. You never feel you going this by yourself between the coaching and the Facebook group.
— Denise Smith
Posted November 20th 2023
Weight-loss RVA was super friendly and very informative about the program. I can't wait to start.
— Deena Wright
Posted November 13th 2023
Very nice. Will start treatment next week.
— Betty Jo Sergey
Posted October 27th 2023
Such a professional atmosphere. Everyone was extremely friendly and the information was carefully explained. All questions answered
— sheila bentley
Posted October 25th 2023
The five stars is for the staff, which was really friendly. However, the price was steep so I cannot offer more than that as I have not joined. Thank you
— Kathy Rodgers
Posted October 13th 2023
Jessie Allen is a wonderful person to work with if you are planning to pursue your weight loss program.
— Jenifer Clark
Posted October 5th 2023
Very friendly and informative staff!
— Craig Mayo
Posted October 4th 2023
Great at working with me to understand that it is not dieting but long term weight management. Lost 40 lbs in 9 weeks and have kept it off. If you are over age 60 an to get control of your weight. You need this program. I am 82 and my dr. Said this cleared up problems in my blood work. Gone from a tight 40 to a loose...
— Jim and Jane Otto
Posted October 3rd 2023
Everyone at Chronic Care is very friendly and eager to help in any way they can. We come all the way from Florida to see Dr Snyder. His knowledge and expertise are not to be matched. We are so thankful for Chronic Care!!
— Teresa Hogge
Posted December 25th 2021
Wonderful and friendly staff. I'm looking forward to this journey.
— Sheryl Robinson
Posted September 29th 2023
Great people & powerful information.
— Jim Tucker
Posted September 25th 2023
A totally positive experience with entire staff. Friendly, courteous , professional vibes throughout the office.
— Joseph Linkous
Posted September 21st 2023
Very friendly staff. Did not have to wait for my appointment time.
— PES Online Ventures
Posted July 19th 2023
I just started the personal is great and I really appreciate everything I'm positive about the program
— Aaron Moore
Posted September 16th 2023
Had an awesome experience with Jessie! She helped me with the process and assured me that I can do this!
— Syxx Lynt
Posted September 11th 2023
Dr. SNYDER is a wonderful and very caring in helping me with the pain in my back. He helps my scoliosis and helps my back to be straighter. After Dr Snyder works on my back it helps me so much. My husband and my friends notice how much straighter after I have been to Dr. SNYDER. I highly recommend Dr. SNYDER WHEN ...
— Don Vance
Posted September 11th 2023
Very friendly and can't wait to start my weight loss journey with them.
— Kristie Miles
Posted September 7th 2023

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Non-surgical chronic pain relief
Metabolic weight loss
Peripheral neuropathy program
Platelet rich plasma therapy

Sexual wellness
Hair restoration
Medical aesthetics
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