Why Medication Isn’t the Best Option for Chronic Pain

Posted on Mar 1st 2023

When chronic pain begins to negatively impact your everyday life, it’s natural to seek effective and affordable treatment to improve your symptoms as soon as possible.

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From Debilitating Wrist Pain to Enjoying Life Again, Joanie Pond Found Relief from Chronic Joint Pain

Posted on Feb 24th 2023

Joanie Pond came to us in February of this year after experiencing severe pain in her wrists that was negatively impacting her ability to do the things she loved. We spoke with her twelve weeks later, and she is thrilled with her results.

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Can Diet Help With Chronic Pain?

Posted on Feb 18th 2023

Studies have shown that certain foods and nutrients can positively impact pain management. For example, omega-3 fatty acids can help reduce inflammation in the body, which is a common contributor to chronic pain. While inflammation is a natural body response to injury or infection, it can lead to pain, swelling, and discomfort if it becomes chronic. On the other hand, an unhealthy diet filled with added sugars and processed foods can increase inflammation and worsen chronic pain symptoms.

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Managing Your Mental Health When Dealing With Chronic Pain

Posted on Feb 6th 2023

It is normal to feel angry at your body when experiencing chronic pain. However, practicing self-care and positive self-talk can help improve your mental health and alleviate some degree of physical pain.

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Chronic Pain Relief During Cold Weather

Posted on Dec 21st 2022

Many individuals who experience chronic pain notice worsening symptoms during colder weather. Whether you experience joint pain or other chronic pain, you may be able to predict storms or temperature changes simply through your pain levels. Learn why these types of pain can increase during cold weather and find out how to find relief.

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