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Tips for Traveling with Chronic Pain

Posted on Nov 22nd 2022

The prospect of traveling when you suffer from chronic pain can be daunting. Chronic pain can make everyday tasks extremely uncomfortable and stressful, and travel often brings its own set of stressors and physical challenges. Keep these tips in mind as you make holiday travel plans.

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Habits That May Be Causing Your Neck Pain

Posted on Oct 5th 2022

Whether you've experienced chronic neck pain for years or just started noticing pain in your neck, an important step to finding relief is to evaluate your daily habits. Quite often, unconscious habits and lifestyle practices can cause neck pain.

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Can Weather Affect Chronic Pain?

Posted on Sep 1st 2022

Our bodies react to our environment in big and small ways. We’re built to adapt, and over time, our bodies adjust to accommodate climate elements such as temperature, humidity, and altitude. You may notice a shift as the weather changes if you suffer from chronic pain. Here are some things to be aware of as the weather grows cooler, so you can prepare.

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Exercises to Help Alleviate Chronic Pain

Posted on Aug 11th 2022

Whether you’ve been diagnosed with arthritis, are suffering chronic pain due to an injury, or are still figuring out the source of your pain, you’re likely eager to find ways to alleviate your pain. While each person is different and varying causes of chronic pain call for varying treatments, one way to address chronic pain is through exercise. For those experiencing chronic pain, these are a few of the best activities to help reduce it.

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How Stretching Can Help Your Chronic Pain

Posted on Aug 10th 2022

Living with chronic pain is difficult, but there are many ways you can help manage or even lessen your pain. Stretching is one of the best natural ways you can help relieve chronic pain and aid in healing.

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