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What Causes Joint Pain?

Posted on Sep 25th 2023

Joint pain can get in the way of countless facets of daily life, from work tasks and exercise to family activities and travel. Joints are where multiple bones meet, including your hips, knees, elbows, shoulders, wrists and ankles. Joint pain and discomfort can feel like soreness, throbbing, burning or tightness, and it impacts millions of people every day. The first step in addressing joint pain is identifying the cause and exploring treatment options.

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Tips for Keeping Your Feet and Ankles Healthy in Summer

Posted on Aug 9th 2023

Summer is the perfect time of year to get out and explore. Whether you’re hitting the trails, hiking mountains, coaching little league or anything in between, a foot or ankle injury can put a cramp in your fun. Keep yourself moving with some basic tips and tricks from Chronic Care of Richmond for staying healthy.

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How Having a Support System Impacts Weight Loss

Posted on Jul 4th 2023

Losing weight can be a discouraging, overwhelming process. The good news is? It doesn’t have to be! With the right support team, you can reach your health goals. Learn more with Chronic Care of Richmond.

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Keep Your Joints "Cool" While the Weather Gets Hot

Posted on Jun 5th 2023

If your joint pain worsens as the weather gets warmer, you’re not alone. Warmer months can aggravate your joints, especially if you struggle with arthritis or other chronic joint pain conditions. Here, we break down why that may happen and how you can work to prevent it.

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How Walking Can Help Chronic Pain

Posted on May 10th 2023

With the weather improving, a nice walk is a great, inexpensive solution for exercise and chronic pain. Learn more about the benefits walking can provide for you with Chronic Care of Richmond.

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