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Went yesterday for my first visit to talk about the program cost and the process. Jessie Allen explained everything I needed to know. There were no hidden expenses. Plus, it was my birthday yesterday, so that made it even better. Jessie and the other staff made me feel so comfortable. All staff was amazing, friendly, and even laughed with me. This is a type of program I've been looking for. No harsh drug treatments, no shots, no pills, and most importantly, all natural . I'm just giving a big shout-out and thank you to RVA C.C.A
— Katrina Ball
Posted February 22nd 2024
This program has been a great experience so far and the coaches have been knowledgeable, professional and extremely helpful during this process of my lifestyle change. I am about 36 days in and have lost over 17 pounds - 1/3 of my goal. While I know the do's and don'ts, this program has assisted me with making better choices and has encouraged me throughout the reduction phase. Looking forward to reaching my goals and continuing to make good choices to continue with these lifestyle changes. Improving my health for myself and my family is my ultimate goal.
— Heather Payne
Posted November 20th 2023
Great weight loss program with outstanding council and guidance. You never feel you going this by yourself between the coaching and the Facebook group.
— Denise Smith
Posted November 20th 2023
Weight-loss RVA was super friendly and very informative about the program. I can't wait to start.
— Deena Wright
Posted November 13th 2023
Very nice. Will start treatment next week.
— Betty Jo Sergey
Posted October 27th 2023
Such a professional atmosphere. Everyone was extremely friendly and the information was carefully explained. All questions answered
— sheila bentley
Posted October 25th 2023
The five stars is for the staff, which was really friendly. However, the price was steep so I cannot offer more than that as I have not joined. Thank you
— Kathy Rodgers
Posted October 13th 2023
Jessie Allen is a wonderful person to work with if you are planning to pursue your weight loss program.
— Jenifer Clark
Posted October 5th 2023
Very friendly and informative staff!
— Craig Mayo
Posted October 4th 2023
Great at working with me to understand that it is not dieting but long term weight management. Lost 40 lbs in 9 weeks and have kept it off. If you are over age 60 an to get control of your weight. You need this program. I am 82 and my dr. Said this cleared up problems in my blood work. Gone from a tight 40 to a loose 36 waist have more energy a stand up straighter. Happy happy happy. Jim
— Jim and Jane Otto
Posted October 3rd 2023
Everyone at Chronic Care is very friendly and eager to help in any way they can. We come all the way from Florida to see Dr Snyder. His knowledge and expertise are not to be matched. We are so thankful for Chronic Care!!
— Teresa Hogge
Posted December 25th 2021
Wonderful and friendly staff. I'm looking forward to this journey.
— Sheryl Robinson
Posted September 29th 2023
Great people & powerful information.
— Jim Tucker
Posted September 25th 2023
A totally positive experience with entire staff. Friendly, courteous , professional vibes throughout the office.
— Joseph Linkous
Posted September 21st 2023
Very friendly staff. Did not have to wait for my appointment time.
— PES Online Ventures
Posted July 19th 2023
I just started the personal is great and I really appreciate everything I'm positive about the program
— Aaron Moore
Posted September 16th 2023
Had an awesome experience with Jessie! She helped me with the process and assured me that I can do this!
— Syxx Lynt
Posted September 11th 2023
Dr. SNYDER is a wonderful and very caring in helping me with the pain in my back. He helps my scoliosis and helps my back to be straighter. After Dr Snyder works on my back it helps me so much. My husband and my friends notice how much straighter after I have been to Dr. SNYDER. I highly recommend Dr. SNYDER WHEN YOU HAVE BACK AND KNEE PAIN. HE has helped so many people like me Nancy Vance
— Don Vance
Posted September 11th 2023
Very friendly and can't wait to start my weight loss journey with them.
— Kristie Miles
Posted September 7th 2023
they always take great care of me and the rest of my family that comes here! super easy scheduling and always friendly environment and people!
— Nicole Inge
Posted September 5th 2023
Great experience. Friendly people and very informative.
— calvin ramirez
Posted September 1st 2023
Staff very friendly. Explained program well
— Melissa Suttles
Posted August 28th 2023
Really scared to try yet another thing. In speaking with Sheryl and having her breakdown some of the why this program is important along with her non pushy manny-allowed me to reflect about what I really wanted and to not give up until I reach my goal of being healthy! When I arrived to start I received the best customer service ever. Felt like they saw me and assessed what I needed. Thank you. If you are heasitant give them a try.
— Shuryl Thompson
Posted August 21st 2023
Everyone who works in this office is very friendly! They also offer procedures I had never heard about before! Look forward to being treated and hopefully receive some pain relief! Looks promising!
Posted August 15th 2023
My first encounter with Chronic Care of Richmond was a very positive one. The staff was very friendly and fast. I didn't have to spend half of my day there. And not a lot of probing questions which I do appreciate. This is just the first step so I am hoping it is everything it boasts to be and I'm EXCITED & looking forward to a NEW TRANSFORMED ME!
— kiki tree
Posted August 11th 2023
Chronic of Richmond has been a safe haven for me with treatments. Shoutout to Dr. Snyder, Krystal, Tiffany and staff who greets me in a welcoming way each visit. They show that they care, they have the patience and they are very professional in what they do.
— Pamela Morton
Posted August 7th 2023
I was searching for a cure for the burning sensation and numbness that I had in my feet. Fortunately for me, I went to one of Dr.Snyders seminars to see if I would be a candidate for treatment or if I was too far gone. At this point I had never heard of Neuropathy nor knew what it meant. Dr.Snyder explained everything to me and said that I did have a lot of nerve damage but I wasn’t too far gone. I agreed to go ahead with the treatment. Here I am just a couple of months in on the treatment and I’m pain free. I wish that I had found Chronic Care of Richmond sooner. The fantastic staff is certainly a major bonus. I wholeheartedly recommend them…
— Vinnie Morgan
Posted July 31st 2023
Just registered with Weight Loss RVA. Everyone one helpful and knowledgeable of the program and weight loss in general. Looking forward to starting!
— Cindy
Posted July 24th 2023
The treatments are very effective, immediate pain relief and alignment. It's very easy to schedule and find appointments as I desire. The staff are always friendly and welcoming
— rahel beyene
Posted July 26th 2023
Great service and staff. Very friendly and appeared they enjoyed their jobs and each other. Good balance of teamwork!!
— Iria Jones
Posted July 24th 2023
I just started the program on Saturday and 6 days later I’ve lost 7 pounds and I’m not starving! This is a lifestyle change for sure but I am really enjoying it and the pain and inflammation are already subsiding!!!!!
— Tricia Allison
Posted July 21st 2023
Very attentive staff. Professional. Tell you all the details.
— Wan Iong
Posted July 20th 2023
My pain was a 8. I work 10 to 12 hours a day. Taking pain pills by the bottle and unable to sleep. Now 3 months later. Pain level at less then 1 . I am moving and working harder then ever. Dont wait on getting a shot. I am upset that insurance does not cover this, but will pay for medican to cover the pain up or surgury.
— Richard Childress
Posted July 8th 2023
New Member. Jesse is Awesome. Jeaneene is very far, so good!
— Carol Tuck
Posted July 7th 2023
FINALLY‼️ I have found a doctor and a committed team that treats the root cause and not the symptoms‼️ I see the road to healing right in front of me. I will walk it with their help. Below is a picture of me at 21 and 61. I have invested a lot of care… I am excited to journey the rest of my life to the best of my life!! So a quick explanation of the below picture I’m in the same clothing the first picture I am 21 years old the second picture I am 61 years old!! I’m proud of that👍🏻
— Adele Godino
Posted June 22nd 2023
This place has completely changed my life! 30 lbs in 90 days!
— Danielle Ford
Posted July 6th 2023
Very positive environment, clean and prompt too!
— Robbie Rhur
Posted June 26th 2023
Very friendly staff. Explained the program and pricing well.
— Michelle Stinnett
Posted June 23rd 2023
My first visit today was a great experience. Everyone I spoke with was friendly, welcoming & professional. Looking forward to my followup appointment with Dr Snyder to here what he suggests for my treatment plan.
— Keith Morauske
Posted June 7th 2023
The staff at Chronic Care of Richmond are friendly and provided me with excellent customer service which enabled me to feel relaxed about my hip issues. I would highly recommend anyone who is experiencing joint pain to consider attending a seminar about Chronic Care of Richmond.
— Teresa Bettino
Posted June 5th 2023
About 2 months ago my knee twisted getting out of the tub. It didn't seem like much at first, but it became more and more painful. That's when I saw information about the Chronic Pain clinic where they said they could help stop joint pain without medication or surgery. That sounded like something I would like to try. So, I went to the clinic to a seminar explaining the procedure. I then signed up for a consultation for my own knee. Dr. Snyder took x-rays of my knee and explained how the procedure was well-designed for my knee. He showed me the x-ray, explained how the procedure works and gave me the cost involved. Everything was very professional and scientific. I do have a lot of things to think about in my life right now, so I needed some time to think it all over. Dr. Snyder was very understanding and gave me the opprtunity to think it over for a few days. I am encouraged to know about this alternative approach, and I am seriously considering taking the plunge. No pressure, just the facts in a comfortable office setting. Thank you Dr. Snyder and staff. Mary Shakespeare
— Mary Shakespeare
Posted May 29th 2023
Best plan ever
— Shereca McDonald -Harrison
Posted May 19th 2023
Everyone is super nice. They make you feel at home.
— Anita Morris
Posted May 17th 2023
I had my first visit at Chronic Care of Richmond and was extremely pleased with everyone I worked with … from Checkin to Dr. Snyder… all very professional!
— Lena Scott
Posted April 26th 2023
I had a great experience at my doctor's office. The staff were very friendly and welcoming, and they made me feel comfortable from the moment I walked in. The office was clean and well-maintained, which added to my sense of comfort and safety. My doctor provided personalized care that addressed all of my concerns, and they took the time to explain everything clearly to me. They were empathetic and attentive during the consultation, which made me feel heard and supported. I was also impressed with the appointment availability at the office. I was able to schedule an appointment quickly and easily, and the office was open during convenient hours.
— Maritza Jourdain
Posted April 11th 2023
Very personable, educated and sweet people. They really take an interest in you as a person to see what's best for you and give you options based on your condition which I greatly appreciate.
— Anissa Harris
Posted April 3rd 2023
I have been a patient for many years and I am quite satisfied with this medical office.
— Edwina Richmond
Posted March 30th 2023
5- Courteous 5- Professional 5- Knowledgeable 5- Informative 5- Sanitary * COVID- health & safety precautions in place Thank you LA LA & LETITIA 💃🏽
— La La Santanna
Posted March 28th 2023
Very pleasant and knowledgeable staff and doctor. Very well organized, and they explain everything in detail. I look forward to starting the treatment.
— Zrinka Orr
Posted March 17th 2023
Extremely informative presentation. I learned so much and appreciate the time they spent explaining the program to me.
— Reid Sowder
Posted March 15th 2023
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