How We Lost 88 Pounds In 60 Days

Posted on Oct 25th 2021

We launched the Weight Loss RVA wellness program this year to support our mission and change lives. Short Pump husband and wife, Kelly and Trish Gibbs started Weight Loss RVA in mid-July, and in just 60 days they lost a combined 88 pounds!
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The Benefits of Stretching for Relieving Chronic Pain

Posted on Jun 16th 2021

Stretching is a simple exercise that has a range of benefits. Regular stretching of just a few minutes per day can have a positive influence on your chronic pain, allowing you to live life to the fullest.

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Shoulder and Neck Pain

Posted on May 14th 2021

Many people experience neck and shoulder pain together, as these areas of the body are intrinsically connected. Poor posture increases the load on the cervical spine, which leads to neck pain, and rounds the upper back, which causes shoulder pain. Today’s dependence on technology is a leading cause of chronic neck and shoulder pain. Desk jobs, constant texting, and frequent laptop usage all contribute to poor posture.

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Effective Ways to Relieve Joint Pain

Posted on Apr 21st 2021

Chronic pain is a common health issue that negatively impacts mobility and mental health, reducing the overall quality of life. While chronic pain is common, relief is possible with the right approach. We’ve made a list of effective ways to combat chronic pain that doesn’t involve surgery or pain medication!

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Neuropathy is a Progressive Disease That Gets Worse Over Time

Posted on Mar 24th 2021

Recognizing the stages of neuropathy and acting quickly to seek treatment can mean the difference between returning to health and losing a limb. Peripheral Neuropathy, like many chronic conditions, worsens over time, and the progressive stages of neuropathy are not always easy to recognize.

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