Self Care Can Help You Manage the Stress of Neuropathy

Posted on Mar 24th 2021

How are you feeling? Really feeling? The physical and emotional stress of neuropathy can take its toll. Try these coping strategies to manage your symptoms and take care of yourself.

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How to Avoid Neck Pain at the Office

Posted on Mar 18th 2021

If your job requires you to sit at your desk for extended periods of time, you’re not unlike many other workers across the nation. Unfortunately, sitting 40 hours a week is not ideal for physical health. Poor posture and the sedentary lifestyle that is common with desk job workers can lead to a variety of aches, pains, injuries, and spinal issues. Neck pain is a common complaint, affecting more than 10% of the general population.

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How Regenerative Medicine Using Stem Cells Can Help You Avoid Knee Surgery

Posted on Feb 16th 2021

Stem cell therapy using regenerative medicine is a breakthrough procedure that has helped countless patients find relief from chronic knee pain. If you've been told surgery is the only option, you may benefit from first trying regenerative therapies. By targeting the source of chronic pain, these therapies encourage the body's natural healing powers. In this article, we'll tell you exactly how regenerative medicine using stem cells work and how it can help you avoid knee surgery.

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3 Easy & Delicious Low Inflammation Recipes that Can Help Reduce Chronic Pain and Inflammation

Posted on Jan 21st 2021

Before you reach for over the counter drugs to help manage your chronic pain and inflammation, consider changing your diet first. A diet rich in anti-inflammatory ingredients has been shown to provide several long-term benefits.

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Did You Know That Your Body is Genetically Programmed to Heal?

Posted on Dec 17th 2020

Did you know that your body is genetically programmed to heal? Don't believe me? Think back to the last time that you cut yourself, what happened to the cut? I bet your body - that is genetically programmed to heal - pulled that wound together, created new skin, and over time it worked like new again. That is your body's innate intelligence that tells your body to heal when it's wounded. That is your stem cells hard at work!

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