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Before & After Chronic Joint Pain

Posted on Jul 16th 2020


Before & After Chronic Joint Pain

Here's How 2 Real Patients Got Relief From Chronic Joint Pain and Reclaimed Their Lives

By: Dr. Bryant D. Snyder, DC, BCIM, DAAIM

Living with chronic joint pain is not easy; many people resort to taking medication multiple times a day, or having surgery. At Chronic Care of Richmond and Regenerative Medicine, by the time we see our patients, many of them are in so much pain that walking, sleeping, and even daily activities have become unbearable.

The good news is, there is a non-drug, non-surgical option to addressing chronic pain. Meet Rodney and Kate, two of our patients who decided to attend our free, educational seminar where they learned about regenerative medicine, then made the decision to invest in their health. Now they have their lives back, and here are their stories:

Rodney A.

Regenerative Medicine for Joint Pain

Rodney is from Richmond, Virginia and had spent his life working on his feet and standing 8 - 10 hours a day on a concrete floor. He had extreme pain in his right knee and he could barely walk. He'd take one step and had to stop. He had no sense of balance and his knees had gotten so bad that he couldn't bend down to get into his car.

Rodney was taking medication multiple times a day and had even tried shots in his knees that did not work. He had scheduled knee replacement surgery when he saw our seminar information and attended a free seminar.

The seminar was eye opening for Rodney – he learned about our regenerative medicine therapy and decided he was too young for knee replacement surgery. After a consultation in our office, Rodney received a human cell and tissue implant including stem cells in both knees. It was life changing! After having the regenerative medicine therapy, he could walk, had a full gait, had no pain, and had full range of motion in his knees. Rodney was also excited about three major developments in his life after treatment in our clinic: 1) he can now get into the bathtub, something he hadn't done in two years, 2) he was finally able to buy a sports car, something he had wanted for many years but couldn't do because of the lack of mobility due to the pain in his knee, and 3) he lost 40 pounds because he had the ability to be more active. Rodney said it best, "I'm back to living!"

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Kate W.

Regenerative Medicine using Stem Cells

Kate is a retired Army nurse who put years of abuse on her knees. Her pain had gotten so bad that she couldn't go up and down stairs or play with her grandchildren. She was even trying to learn how to go up and down stairs like her granddaughter – on her bottom! The pain was so severe that it was affecting every aspect of her life, and she was not sure what to do next. Kate was also on medication multiple times a day, and surgery had been recommended.

Kate heard about our seminar and as an Army nurse with years of medical experience, she went in with a research mindset and wanted to learn as much as possible. At our educational seminar we shared in-depth information on the procedure, how it works, cost, and more. Kate liked what she heard and came in for a consultation.

After receiving regenerative medicine therapy in both knees, Kate's life transformed. She can walk, go up and down stairs, and best of all she can play with her grandchildren! According to Kate, "If you are having pain issues and not able to get around, and it's getting to the point where they say you might need to do surgery, please try this first. It will be the best investment you've ever made. I absolutely recommend this!"

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Chronic Care of Richmond & Regenerative Medicine was founded by clinical director, Dr. Bryant Snyder, DC, BCIM, DAAIM, and his wife Jenneane Snyder. Dr. Snyder, DC, along with collaborating physician, Dr. Peggy Maercklein, MD and their medical team, are leaders in the field of non-drug, nonsurgical chronic pain relief. Dr. Snyder, DC has practiced in the Richmond, VA area for over 17 years. He, Dr. Maercklein, and their experienced team, are one of the first to bring regenerative therapy to Richmond, VA. For more information and to register for a seminar, visit or call (804) 740-7105.