Shoulder and Neck Pain

Posted on May 14th 2021


Shoulder and Neck Pain

Neck and shoulder pain is a common experience that causes significant daily discomfort. Side effects of neck and shoulder pain include decreased quality of life in many areas and work productivity, and increased financial burdens.

Many people experience neck and shoulder pain together, as these areas of the body are intrinsically connected. Poor posture increases the load on the cervical spine, which leads to neck pain, and rounds the upper back, which causes shoulder pain. Today’s dependence on technology is a leading cause of chronic neck and shoulder pain. Desk jobs, constant texting, and frequent laptop usage all contribute to poor posture.

Common symptoms of posture-related neck and shoulder pain include:

  • Muscle tightness and spasms
  • Deep muscle aches and pains
  • Shooting, sharp pains
  • Pain that is worse after a long day at work
  • Stiffness and loss of mobility
  • Headaches

Other Causes of Shoulder and Neck Pain

The shoulder and neck are delicate and injured more easily than other areas of the body. Injuries, overuse, joint degeneration, disease, and nerve disorders are all common causes of shoulder and neck pain.

Injuries caused by impact, fall, or overuse are typically addressed with surgery or therapy, or both depending on the severity of the injury. Pain associated with injury should heal with proper treatment.

Joint degeneration, disease, and nerve disorders can lead to chronic pain. Posture and lifestyle issues that continue for long periods can cause joint degeneration, also leading to chronic pain. If your pain is chronic, and you are looking for alternatives to surgery and prescription medication, there are natural procedures that may help.

Chronic Care of Richmond uses regenerative medicine utilizing stem cells to provide relief from chronic neck pain.

Avoid NSAIDs and Surgery with Stem Cell Procedures

The most common solutions for neck and shoulder pain are surgery and/or medications. These therapies carry risks, including infection, long recovery times, and prescription medication dependence. Stem cell injections are an alternative procedure that have shown promising results.

At Chronic Care of Richmond and Regenerative Medicine, we provide regenerative therapy that uses these stem cell injections for sufferers of chronic pain. The procedure is non-invasive, painless, and has minimal recovery time. Our patients have reported drastic improvements in their chronic pain.

What are stem cells?

Stem cells are a natural part of our bodies that perform specific roles in cell specialization and tissue generation. For example, stem cells can transform into specialized cells that create and repair your heart, muscles, and bones. Stem cells are also an integral part of your body’s natural healing system. When an injury occurs, the body sends stem cells to the area to work in conjunction with the immune system and repair damaged tissues.

As we age, our stem cells become less effective and fewer in quantity. This means our body’s ability to heal naturally is also reduced, causing chronic pain and slow recovery from injury.

How do stem cell injections work?

Stem cell injections provide injured tissue with a natural healing boost. By injecting stem cells into an injured area, we can direct the cell specialization and prompt the body to begin its natural healing process.

In our office, we use umbilical cord-derived mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) from FDA-regulated cord banks. Our stem cells never come from fetuses, and we follow all FDA guidelines.

Diagnosis of Shoulder and Neck Pain

Depending on your injury or cause of chronic pain, your doctor will order a series of tests that may include CT scans, blood exams, electrocardiogram, and/or X-rays.

At the Chronic Care of Richmond and Regenerative Medicine office, we will perform a thorough physical examination, consult the test results ordered by your physician, and review your medical history. We realized that every patient is unique and we customize our healing programs to fit your needs. Healing starts from the source, and we address the root cause of your pain. We never diagnose symptoms, we always focus on holistic healing.

Chronic Care of Richmond offers relief from neck pain through their regenerative medicine procedures.

We pair our regenerative medicine using stem cell injections procedures with an entire treatment plan that may include diet and exercise regimes, chiropractic adjustment, and lifestyle changes.

Chronic Care of Richmond and Regenerative Medicine suggests performing proper stretching and exercises to prevent neck pain.

Shoulder and Neck Pain Prevention

While there are various natural healing options for chronic pain, prevention should always be the first step. To avoid any potential injuries, there are several things that you should practice in your daily life.

  • Proper posture will reduce the extra load on your neck and shoulder muscles, minimizing the chance of chronic pain.
  • Simple neck and shoulder exercises performed daily can reduce pain associated with poor posture and reduce your risk of injury.
  • If you participate in sports or activities that require repetitive movements, be sure to warm up and cool down properly to reduce your chance of overuse injury.
  • Be aware of your limitations. Don’t perform any activity that you don’t have the strength, skills or training to accomplish.

Find Out More About Stem Cell Procedures for Shoulder and Neck Pain

To learn more about regenerative medicine using stem cell injections for shoulder and neck pain, contact us to schedule a free seminar. We answer all questions about the procedure and explain how this amazing regenerative therapy helps reduce chronic pain. Get your life back today!