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From Debilitating Wrist Pain to Enjoying Life Again, Joanie Pond Found Relief from Chronic Joint Pain

Posted on Feb 24th 2023


From Debilitating Wrist Pain to Enjoying Life Again, Joanie Pond Found Relief from Chronic Joint Pain

Joanie Pond came to us in February of this year after experiencing severe pain in her wrists that was negatively impacting her ability to do the things she loved. She could no longer tend to her horses or garden, and was even having trouble driving. We offered her an affordable, effective alternative to surgery and prescription drugs, and she jumped at the opportunity. We spoke with her twelve weeks later, and she is thrilled with her results.

How was chronic pain affecting your life? What could you not do that you wanted to do?

I had been experiencing severe wrist pain and it had gotten to the point where I couldn’t use my left wrist. My wrists were very fragile and weak, and I couldn’t open bottles, garden, or tend to my horses and farm. I had trouble driving and I couldn’t fully participate in yoga or barre classes. My wrists were going numb at night and my hands would get so cold that my fingertips would turn white. I had a flare up after raking and went to see an orthopedic doctor who put me in a splint and recommended surgery. In fact, prior to attending a seminar at Chronic Care of Richmond, I had a MRI and surgery was scheduled for my wrists.

Why did you decide to attend a seminar at Chronic Care of Richmond?

I was very interested in how I could improve my pain without surgery. So, when I saw an advertisement on Facebook that explained how regenerative medicine treatment addresses chronic pain, I was very interested in learning more. I did some online research and was intrigued by the concept and was excited to attend and find out more information. Plus, with the prospect of surgery in my future I really wanted to see if regenerative medicine could help.

After attending a seminar, what made you decide to have a consultation with Dr. Snyder?

The main thing that interested me at the seminar was that Chronic Care of Richmond uses a natural, whole body approach that does not use prescription drugs or surgery, and the human cells and tissues are from a FDA regulated facility. In my research I found that was more effective than using my own cells. I was very impressed with the affordability of the procedure. I knew that if it worked for me then it was a true bargain that made logical sense as a good investment in my health. For me, attending the seminar was all about education, and Dr. Snyder provided an unbiased and informational perspective on regenerative therapy. It made sense to me, and after the seminar I really understood how it works to address and improve chronic pain.

What was the consultation process like?

The consultation was a very thorough process. Dr. Snyder wanted to know about my lifestyle and how pain was affecting my life. We discussed my nutrition, supplements, and the medications I was taking. He was interested in my entire health, not just one aspect, which really impressed me. I felt like he took the time to understand my needs including where I could most benefit from the joint pain treatment procedure.

What was the actual joint pain treatment procedure like? Did you have any pain?

Joanie Pond has a consultation with Chronic Care of Richmond.

The day of the procedure was extremely easy and quick. Dr. Snyder’s nurse practitioner, who performs the procedures in the office, numbed the area and I felt very minor needle pressure. It was much less painful than a “regular” shot, and the sensation was minimal. There were no negative side effects and I was able to drive myself to and from the office.

How long was it before you started seeing results?

Within three weeks I started to see the age spots on my hands lighten. Even my husband noticed that my hands looked younger! My hands were no longer cold or going numb at night, and within four weeks I was able to do activities so much easier. I’m now twelve weeks after the procedure and my wrists feel substantial and strong, whereas before they felt fragile.

Joanie Pond with her beautiful horse and garden.

What can you do today that you couldn’t do before treatment?

It’s truly been an amazing experience. I can drive, garden, tend the horses, do yoga and barre without any pain. I can open jars and bottles! There are so many things I can do now that I didn’t even realize I was struggling with. I’m not on any pain medication and my wrists no longer crack and crunch when I move them. Recently I raked for over an hour with no wrist pain — and last year that’s what sent me into a flare up that landed me in an orthopedic doctor’s office with a recommendation for surgery!

Would you recommend regenerative medicine and why?

Yes! I have recommended two friends, both of whom have also received joint pain treatment. And, I’m going to have my knee joints done as well as bring my 88 year old mother in to have her hip done in the fall. I recommend it for anyone suffering from joint pain — it has been life changing and I can’t be happier with the results. It is worth the investment!

About Chronic Care of Richmond:

Chronic Care of Richmond was founded by Dr. Bryant Snyder, DC, BCIM, DAAIM. Dr. Snyder is a leader in the field of non-drug, nonsurgical chronic pain relief. He has practiced in the Richmond, VA area for over 17 years. He and his experienced medical team, including a nurse practitioner, are one of the first to bring non-surgical, non-drug joint pain treatment to Richmond, VA. For more information and to register for a seminar, visit!