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Surgery should often be considered the absolute last resort as it comes with a wide range of risk factors and often has minimal benefits.

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Pain Treatment in Richmond

Chronic pain goes deeper than just being an inconvenience. It can affect even the most basic movement like walking, climbing stairs or sleeping. If you’ve been seeking solutions to chronic pain that will give you your life back, the low-risk, non-invasive options from Chronic Care of Richmond may be the solution for you.

At Chronic Care of Richmond , we are dedicated to providing excellent care and healing without resorting to drugs or surgery. With our highly trained staff and pain treatment plans, treating the source of your pain — not just the symptoms — can bring the sought-after relief you’ve been hoping for.

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What is Chronic Pain?

Unlike acute pain, which can typically be easily traced to inflammation, tissue damage, injury or surgery and doesn’t last more than two weeks, chronic pain is not always so easily solved. Often, there may not be an obvious cause and the pain can be debilitating and persistent for months — even years.

Chronic pain can affect one or multiple parts of the body and greatly affect everyday life, which can lead to depression, anxiety, and loss of sleep. This can create a cycle where the fatigue makes the pain worse, leading to increased depression or further sleep loss.

Approximately 25% of adults in the United States suffer from chronic pain, making it a relatively common condition. Don’t wait until the pain becomes unbearable to find solutions. Chronic Care of Richmond provides pain treatment in Richmond to help you return to a pain-free life.

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Pain treatment in Richmond could greatly improve your quality of life.

Treating Chronic Pain

The best and most effective way to treat chronic pain is by finding its source. Healthcare providers will work to find the pain source, but if they can’t, they will turn to managing the pain.

There are various ways of treating chronic pain, depending on the provider, the type of pain, if the cause of the pain is known, and your general overall health. Many treatment plans take a variety strategies and approaches to try and resolve the issue. These strategies may include medications, lifestyle changes, specialized therapies, and even surgery.

Pain Relief with Chronic Care of Richmond

There are different approaches to treating chronic pain, which can involve medication, injections, and other treatments. Even if you have tried one and not seen impressive results, there may be another approach that works for you.

At Chronic Care of Richmond , we understand the burden that comes with living with chronic pain. Many treatments only succeed in treating the symptoms of the pain, failing to accurately find and treat the underlying source. We’re dedicated to finding and treating the pain at its source and helping you get back to leading a pain-free life.

As leaders in natural medicine, our holistic approach works to ease chronic pain at its source. We provide non-drug, non-surgical lasting pain treatment near Richmond that uses highly researched therapies to help you heal.

Living with chronic pain can greatly diminish your quality of life and your freedom to participate in desired activities. Whether you’d love to play a round of tennis a few evenings a week or you love the thrill of a long run on the beach, chronic knee pain can hold you back from even the most basic day-to-day functions, like walking and climbing stairs. Although these ailments are invisible, they put a damper on everyday life and can mean the difference between a great day and a miserable one. Unfortunately, finding treatments for knee pain is easier said than done.

Chronic back and neck pain can negatively impact various aspects of life. From preventing a deep and comfortable night of sleep to getting in the way of regular exercise, health and quality of life can be greatly diminished by long-lasting back and neck pain. Fortunately, there are also multiple treatment options for healing chronic neck and back pain — even before medication and surgery.

Taking our feet and ankles for granted is easy. Walking, climbing stairs, dancing, or evening taking the dog out all require the use of our feet, and it’s easy to forget about taking care of them until pain gets in the way.

Chronic foot and ankle pain can quickly become debilitating and interfere with everyday life. Foot pain may result from an old or new injury, or a variety of other underlying causes. If you are suffering from constant foot pain, we can help find a treatment solution that lets you get back to taking your daily walk around the block, or even just get out of bed without wincing.

Osteoarthritis often comes with worsening pain, joint stiffness, and even depression over time as the condition worsens. As a degenerative disease, chronic pain often starts to increase as the osteoarthritis progresses. With severe osteoarthritis, the pain may subside with rest, but quickly become aggravated once movement resumes.

While there isn’t a cure for osteoarthritis, the pain associated with it can be relieved. With the holistic approach from Chronic Care of Richmond , you can find a way to perform everyday activities without flare ups.

Chronic joint pain can come from many different sources, including various diseases, degenerative conditions, overuse or misuse, inflammation, or old and new injuries. If you’ve been suffering from chronic joint pain, it’s critical to seek relief before it gets any worse.

Pain in the hips can start out as a simple catching or clicking feeling when you walk or move your hips. Over time, this can worsen and turn into debilitating chronic pain that makes it difficult to move. Hip pain can be felt in the sides of the hips, but also into the groin and buttocks area.

Seeking pain treatment for chronic hip problems is essential to prevent further damage or erosion. Finding relief doesn’t have to involve invasive procedures or long-term medications. With many different therapies available, a personalized plan can help you get on the path to a pain-free life.

As the most mobile joint in the body, the shoulder is responsible for a wide variety of functional movement in everyday life. From cooking and cleaning to typing and driving, the shoulder joint is often involved in tasks both large and small. As a result, suffering from chronic shoulder pain can be an ongoing nuisance at the very least, and a source of unending pain at the worst. Learn more about chronic shoulder pain and explore options for shoulder pain treatment in Richmond.

Severe and chronic wrist and elbow pain may be attributed to carpal tunnel syndrome, but there could be other issues causing this frustrating pain. For example, cubital tunnel syndrome is a similar issue that causes wrist and elbow pain, but is a result of pressure on the cubital tunnel and surrounding nerves. Treat the root causes with our specialized pain treatment in Richmond.

Neuropathic pain may start out as temporary flashes, but typically worsens and becomes a painful chronic condition. Usually described as shooting or burning pain, neuropathic pain is typically the result of nerve damage. This type of pain can be acute and particularly difficult to deal with, but seeking treatment earlier rather than later can help prevent additional damage.

At Chronic Care of Richmond, we specialize in treating the root causes of neuropathic pain. You don’t need to suffer from the shooting and debilitating pains of chronic pain any longer! With our individualized treatment plans, you can once again perform everyday activities and hobbies without pain stopping you.

Diabetic neuropathy can affect the nerves in one’s body, causing pain throughout the body or in certain areas. Most often this includes numbness in the legs, feet and hands. Depending on the severity of the diabetes, these symptoms can be mild, but can become extremely painful for others.

Relief from these symptoms is possible. Having a pain-free life with diabetes is possible, even without extra medication. Find a treatment plan that works for you and see how diabetic neuropathy doesn’t have to control your life!

Living with chronic pain can have a negative impact on many facets of your life. From completing tasks at work and participating in family travels to keeping up with the friend group and playing with the kids or grandkids, maneuvering around pain that just won’t let up can throw a wrench in important moments and memories in the making. Learn about your options for chronic pain management in Richmond.

Finding relief from months or years of pain can be exhausting and frustrating. Let us help you find a solution.

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Our goal is to help our patients feel better as quickly as possible to return to their normal lives without pain or discomfort. That means providing safe, effective and affordable treatments while maintaining the highest level of patient care at every step along the way. You deserve nothing less than that when it comes to your health!

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The moment you walk into Chronic Care you will be greeted by a friendly staff and music! The whole staff is awesome and truly care about their clients. I highly recommend!
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Posted June 10th 2024
Went yesterday for my first visit to talk about the program cost and the process. Jessie Allen explained everything I needed to know. There were no hidden expenses. Plus, it was my birthday yesterday, so that made it even better. Jessie and the other staff made me feel so comfortable. All staff was amazing, friendly, a...
— Katrina Ball
Posted February 22nd 2024
This program has been a great experience so far and the coaches have been knowledgeable, professional and extremely helpful during this process of my lifestyle change. I am about 36 days in and have lost over 17 pounds - 1/3 of my goal. While I know the do's and don'ts, this program has assisted me with making better...
— Heather Payne
Posted November 20th 2023
Great weight loss program with outstanding council and guidance. You never feel you going this by yourself between the coaching and the Facebook group.
— Denise Smith
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Weight-loss RVA was super friendly and very informative about the program. I can't wait to start.
— Deena Wright
Posted November 13th 2023
Very nice. Will start treatment next week.
— Betty Jo Sergey
Posted October 27th 2023
Such a professional atmosphere. Everyone was extremely friendly and the information was carefully explained. All questions answered
— sheila bentley
Posted October 25th 2023
The five stars is for the staff, which was really friendly. However, the price was steep so I cannot offer more than that as I have not joined. Thank you
— Kathy Rodgers
Posted October 13th 2023
Jessie Allen is a wonderful person to work with if you are planning to pursue your weight loss program.
— Jenifer Clark
Posted October 5th 2023
Very friendly and informative staff!
— Craig Mayo
Posted October 4th 2023
Great at working with me to understand that it is not dieting but long term weight management. Lost 40 lbs in 9 weeks and have kept it off. If you are over age 60 an to get control of your weight. You need this program. I am 82 and my dr. Said this cleared up problems in my blood work. Gone from a tight 40 to a loose...
— Jim and Jane Otto
Posted October 3rd 2023
Everyone at Chronic Care is very friendly and eager to help in any way they can. We come all the way from Florida to see Dr Snyder. His knowledge and expertise are not to be matched. We are so thankful for Chronic Care!!
— Teresa Hogge
Posted December 25th 2021
Wonderful and friendly staff. I'm looking forward to this journey.
— Sheryl Robinson
Posted September 29th 2023
Great people & powerful information.
— Jim Tucker
Posted September 25th 2023
A totally positive experience with entire staff. Friendly, courteous , professional vibes throughout the office.
— Joseph Linkous
Posted September 21st 2023
Very friendly staff. Did not have to wait for my appointment time.
— PES Online Ventures
Posted July 19th 2023
I just started the personal is great and I really appreciate everything I'm positive about the program
— Aaron Moore
Posted September 16th 2023
Had an awesome experience with Jessie! She helped me with the process and assured me that I can do this!
— Syxx Lynt
Posted September 11th 2023
Dr. SNYDER is a wonderful and very caring in helping me with the pain in my back. He helps my scoliosis and helps my back to be straighter. After Dr Snyder works on my back it helps me so much. My husband and my friends notice how much straighter after I have been to Dr. SNYDER. I highly recommend Dr. SNYDER WHEN ...
— Don Vance
Posted September 11th 2023
Very friendly and can't wait to start my weight loss journey with them.
— Kristie Miles
Posted September 7th 2023
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