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Chronic Pain Relief

We offer long-term relief for chronic joint pain. Our non-drug, non-surgical treatment helps relieve knee pain, back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, and more. Learn about additional options for chronic joint pain management in Richmond.

Non-drug, Non-surgical Relief for Pain

Our pain relief procedures can get you back on your feet and enjoying life again. Book your new patient consultation appointment to get your pain under control without drugs or surgery.

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Seminar participants will receive one free range of motion assessment on the joint that is the primary area of concern. Additional range of motion testing may be conducted at future appointments if you become a patient. Limit one assessment on one joint per patient.

Chronic Pain Management in Richmond

Living with chronic pain can have a negative impact on many facets of your life. From completing tasks at work and participating in family travels to keeping up with the friend group and playing with the kids or grandkids, maneuvering around pain that just won’t let up can throw a wrench in important moments and memories in the making. Learn about your options for chronic pain management in Richmond.

Causes of Chronic Pain

Chronic pain can occur anywhere in your body, and it may not be present consistently. However, it’s different from short-term or acute pain because continues or keeps coming back for three months or longer.

Causes of Chronic Pain Include:

  • Degenerative joint disorders
  • New or old injuries
  • Diseases
  • Psychosomatic pain caused by stress, anxiety or other psychological factors

The location of someone’s chronic pain depends on its cause and other factors. Many people experience chronic pain in the joints, back and neck in addition to chronic headaches and muscle pain. Chronic pain may also occur in areas associated with a disease the person has experienced, such as cancer pain that can manifest near tumors.

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Chronic Care of Richmond provides top chiropractic care near you in Richmond.

Chronic Care of Richmond

Alternative to Surgery

As chronic pain specialists, we provide proven alternative treatment options. Our goal is to help you avoid unnecessary surgery and medications.

Non-Invasive No Medication / Recovery

Our non-narcotic, non-invasive procedures treat our patient's root cause, and require little to no downtime.

Safe Minimal Side Effects

We specialize in safe, effective treatments that help patients heal naturally without worry of side effects or long recovery.

Effective Long-term Results

All of our treatment programs offer the potential for long-term, lasting results for multiple chronic conditions.

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Chronic pain management in Richmond could greatly improve your quality of life.

Impacts of Chronic Pain

Chronic pain can impact several aspects of daily life for those suffering. Depending on the location of the pain and the demands of the person’s job, chronic pain can make it difficult or even impossible to complete the tasks required for employment. Whether your neck and back ache as you sit at a desk or whether you’re unable to lift boxes or operate equipment in a warehouse job, suffering from pain that interferes with your work is deeply stressful and frustrating.

In addition, chronic pain can lead to mental health challenges such as anxiety, depression and trouble sleeping. Being unable to sleep and, in many cases, facing additional obstacles when it comes to physical activity can only serve to compound these mental health challenges.

Navigating daily life around chronic pain can be taxing. Tasks that used to be simple such as leaning down to empty a dishwasher, picking up a small child, or walking a mile can become extremely difficult and painful. This means that lifestyle factors such as family outings, travel plans and recreational activities all bear the burden of chronic pain.

Chronic Pain Management Near You in Richmond

Because chronic pain can have a negative impact on so many aspects of life, many people seek out options for chronic pain management near me. However, in many cases, treatment plans involve long-term medication plans or surgeries. These treatment options give many people pause.

Medications may come with their own side effects, especially with prolonged use, which many people wish to avoid. Most of the time, medications such as painkillers only mask the symptoms of the chronic pain instead of addressing the root problem. On the other end of the spectrum, surgery may work to correct the core of the issue, but it is often invasive, costly and requires a prolonged healing period that further impacts lifestyle and work choices. Feeling stuck with only these options results in countless people living with untreated chronic pain.

Fortunately, there are other options for chronic pain relief in Richmond. Chronic Care of Richmond offers non-surgical, non-drug relief for chronic pain. By working with the body’s existing healing abilities, Chronic Care of Richmond treats chronic pain using FDA-approved protocols and thoroughly researched therapies. Every situation is different, and the variety of natural, holistic therapies available at Chronic Care of Richmond offers specific solutions for specific needs.

Chronic Care of Richmond

No more sitting on the sidelines due to chronic pain. Exploring additional options outside of medication and surgery may be the key to getting your life back. With chronic pain management near me from Chronic Care of Richmond, follow a simple process to identify and address your particular needs.

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Wonderful and friendly staff. I'm looking forward to this journey.
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Great people & powerful information.
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A totally positive experience with entire staff. Friendly, courteous , professional vibes throughout the office.
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Very friendly staff. Did not have to wait for my appointment time.
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I just started the personal is great and I really appreciate everything I'm positive about the program
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Had an awesome experience with Jessie! She helped me with the process and assured me that I can do this!
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Posted September 11th 2023
Dr. SNYDER is a wonderful and very caring in helping me with the pain in my back. He helps my scoliosis and helps my back to be straighter. After Dr Snyder works on my back it helps me so much. My husband and my friends notice how much straighter after I have been to Dr. SNYDER. I highly recommend Dr. SNYDER WHEN ...
— Don Vance
Posted September 11th 2023
Very friendly and can't wait to start my weight loss journey with them.
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they always take great care of me and the rest of my family that comes here! super easy scheduling and always friendly environment and people!
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Posted September 5th 2023
Great experience. Friendly people and very informative.
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Staff very friendly. Explained program well
— Melissa Suttles
Posted August 28th 2023
Really scared to try yet another thing. In speaking with Sheryl and having her breakdown some of the why this program is important along with her non pushy manny-allowed me to reflect about what I really wanted and to not give up until I reach my goal of being healthy! When I arrived to start I received the best custo...
— Shuryl Thompson
Posted August 21st 2023
Everyone who works in this office is very friendly! They also offer procedures I had never heard about before! Look forward to being treated and hopefully receive some pain relief! Looks promising!
Posted August 15th 2023
My first encounter with Chronic Care of Richmond was a very positive one. The staff was very friendly and fast. I didn't have to spend half of my day there. And not a lot of probing questions which I do appreciate. This is just the first step so I am hoping it is everything it boasts to be and I'm EXCITED & looking fo...
— kiki tree
Posted August 11th 2023
Chronic of Richmond has been a safe haven for me with treatments. Shoutout to Dr. Snyder, Krystal, Tiffany and staff who greets me in a welcoming way each visit. They show that they care, they have the patience and they are very professional in what they do.
— Pamela Morton
Posted August 7th 2023
I was searching for a cure for the burning sensation and numbness that I had in my feet. Fortunately for me, I went to one of Dr.Snyders seminars to see if I would be a candidate for treatment or if I was too far gone. At this point I had never heard of Neuropathy nor knew what it meant. Dr.Snyder explained everything ...
— Vinnie Morgan
Posted July 31st 2023
Just registered with Weight Loss RVA. Everyone one helpful and knowledgeable of the program and weight loss in general. Looking forward to starting!
— Cindy
Posted July 24th 2023
The treatments are very effective, immediate pain relief and alignment. It's very easy to schedule and find appointments as I desire. The staff are always friendly and welcoming
— rahel beyene
Posted July 26th 2023
Great service and staff. Very friendly and appeared they enjoyed their jobs and each other. Good balance of teamwork!!
— Iria Jones
Posted July 24th 2023
I just started the program on Saturday and 6 days later I’ve lost 7 pounds and I’m not starving! This is a lifestyle change for sure but I am really enjoying it and the pain and inflammation are already subsiding!!!!!
— Tricia Allison
Posted July 21st 2023
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