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What Our Customers Say

Before I came in, I had neuropathy in my feet. It was so bad that I couldn't sleep at night. Since I've been doing this, I have slept through the night.
I would definitely recommend this
Mr. Watts
The results have been amazing. My balance is so much better, and I am walking straight for the first time in a long time.
My medication has been cut more than 50%
Marilyn S.
Lottie Sacks received regenerative therapy using human cell and tissue product (HCT/P) including stem cells in our office and she is seeing amazing results! She was facing the possibility of a complete knee replacement, and after the procedure with Dr. Snyder not only has her knee pain subsided, her balance has greatly improved, she is sleeping better, and she feels her "life is fuller"!
Avoid Knee Surgery
Lottie S.
Kate W. has her life back - and it all started with a seminar! She's going up and down stairs and playing with her grandkids!
I have my life back!
Kate W.
Joanie P. is excited about getting back to gardening and enjoying life after her regenerative procedure at Dr. Snyder's clinic. Now she can open bottles, and no longer has numbing in her hands. She highly recommends!
Debilitating Wrist Pain is a Thing of the Past!
Joanie P.
Rodney Allen came to Dr. Snyder with extreme pain in his right knee. He could barely move or walk and had no sense of balance. Before the procedure his pain was a 10 out of 10 and he even had knee surgery scheduled. But now, after regenerative therapy using human cell and tissue product (HCT/P) including stem cells, he says he is pain free! He is now able to walk with a full stride and no pain. In Rodney's own words, "It is worth your investment!"
Pain Was a 10 Out Of 10 - Now I'm Pain Free!
Rodney A.
Cathy came to Dr. Snyder with knee and shoulder pain. Six weeks after therapy she danced at a wedding, and plans on running again! She can carry her grandchildren without fear of falling and can now sleep on her shoulder. She looks forward to telling everyone about the regenerative medicine that changed everything for her!
From Knee & Shoulder Pain to Dancing at a Wedding!
Cathy P.
Trish was a college athlete who went through 2 ACL replacement surgeries plus a third orthoscopic knee surgery. Recently two orthopedic doctors told her she was bone-on-bone and would need knee replacement surgery. Instead she had regenerative medicine using stem cells and PRP (platelet rich plasma). Within three months of the procedure she's back to walking 10,000 steps a day, working out, and enjoying life with her young children WITHOUT PAIN! She can now go up and down stairs, there's no more limping, clicking or popping and no need to wrap her knee every day!
Recently two orthopedic doctors told her she was bone-on-bone and would need knee replacement surgery.
Trish G.
Rose's orthopedic doctor told her that her left knee would need to be replaced and she didn't want to do that. After attending Dr. Snyder's seminar, she decided to have the human cell and tissue transplant that is offered in his office and started to feel better right away. After six weeks she has better range of motion, can go up the steps, and her pain level that was an 8 is now a 2. She also followed our anti-inflammatory nutritional plan and has lost 13 pounds in six
Avoided Knee Replacement Surgery, Improved Range of Motion and Lost Weight!
Rose G.
Renee came to Dr. Snyder for pain in her knee and SI joint. She has allergies to prescription medications and was looking for a better option. Three months after regenerative therapy using human cell and tissue transplant, including stem cells, her knee and SI pain have subsided and her brain fog has improved!
Relief from Knee & SI Joint Pain After Procedure!
Six months after receiving regenerative therapy using human cell and tissue product (HCT/P) including stem cells in Dr. Snyder's office, Robert is able to move his knee without pain and no longer has to worry about wearing a brace or a wrap for support. Additionally, off camera, Robert told us that he had lost over 20 lbs by following our anti-inflammatory nutritional plan! We are so happy with the results Robert has received!
No More Knee Brace and No More Pain!
Robert B.
"I've had chronic knee pain for years and could barely walk. After just 6 weeks I'm 60% better, I can sleep through the night with no pain, and I can cross my legs which I haven't been able to do in 7 years. I'm very pleased!"
Regenerative Medical using Stem Cells Worked When Nothing Else Did
Debbie B.
"I had extreme pain in my right knee and I was told that I was a candidate for knee replacement surgery. After 6 weeks I have so much less swelling, I can go up and down steps, and I feel a whole lot better."
Able to Avoid Knee Replacement Surgery
Joy B.
"I could hardly walk or go up and down steps. I had a procedure in both knees and now I'm improving every day. I can't say enough good things and everybody should do it!"
Relief from Knee Pain
Anna A.
Margaret Spivey came to Dr. Snyder because of how he had helped her son, and now, with Dr. Snyder's help and regenerative therapy using human cell and tissue product (HCT/P) including stem cells, she is able to walk without a cane and get around so much better! She wishes she had met Dr. Snyder before her back surgery but is just so thankful to get some relief.
Now Walking Without Pain!
Margaret S.
Dean Ruch came to Dr. Snyder because his knee pain was so bad that he couldn't walk through the store or up the stairs without severe pain. He received regenerative therapy using human cell and tissue product (HCT/P) including stem cells in our office and now, after only six weeks, he now has full range of motion in his knees, the knee pain is significantly decreased, and was able to walk 18 holes of golf better than he has in a very long time. He is back to doing the things he loves!
Now No Knee Pain and Full Range of Motion
Dean R.
After giving up so many things including running, taking walks, and even just walking up the stairs, Sally Minnekine did her research to find a doctor who just wasn't going to her medication but help her at the root of her pain. She attended Dr. Snyder's seminar and only 6 weeks after receiving the regenerative therapy using human cell and tissue product (HCT/P) including stem cells, she is able to take walks and get down on the floor to play with her granddaughter Γ’β‚¬β€œ something she has not been able to do for 2 years. She is so happy with her results and talks about it constantly to those around her!
Walking More Than She Has In Years
Sally M.
Day 3 after receiving therapy. Pain in knees way down. Can also rise from a sitting position without pushing down on the furniture. No hands, Mom!
Day 5: went to lunch with friend. Showed off how I could stand easily. Only two brief twinges in one knee all day. My other option was total joint replacement of both knees! I am in no pain!
After regenerative therapy
Cindy R.
Don Sussenbach was diagnosed with arthritis in his neck and shoulders which later developed into bone spurs. He was in a lot of pain but now, thanks to regenerative therapy using human cell and tissue product (HCT/P) including stem cells that he received in our office, he says his pain is greatly reduced and some of his chronic pain is 100% relieved!
100% Shoulder Pain Relief
Don S.
After suffering from both Osteo Arthritis for 20 years, Caroline Morton finally has pain relief after receiving regenerative therapy using human cell and tissue product (HCT/P) including stem cells in our office. Before the procedure she was in constant pain even while she was taking high dosages of Celebrex. Now she is practically pain free and no more Celebrex! She can stand for longer and even pick up her granddaughter. Caroline calls the procedure her "miracle"!
Chronic Pain Relieved and No More Celebrex
Caroline M.
Laslo was looking for an alternative to hip surgery. He attended our seminar on regenerative medicine and agreed with the science behind it. Within the first few weeks after his therapy, he noticed a significant reduction in pain and swelling, he was able to sleep, and had increased mobility. Laslo can now walk normally and raise his legs. He is very happy with his results and is amazed at how the body can recover and regenerate!
Hip Surgery Avoided with Regenerative Medicine!
Laslo B.
We couldn't be happier for Mr. Klammer and the results he has seen! He was on the verge of hip replacement but now that he has received such tremendous results with regenerative therapy using human cell and tissue product (HCT/P) including stem cells, he has avoided hip replacement surgery! In addition, he has increased mental clarity, is much less tired, and, by following our anti-inflammatory nutritional plan, he has lost 20 lbs!
Hip Replacement Surgery Avoided
Manny K.
At 85 years young, John Long maintains a piece of property and takes care of his house, lawn, and animals all on his own. The pain he was experiencing hindered him from doing these things safely and successfully. Now, after regenerative therapy using human cell and tissue product (HCT/P) including stem cells in our office, he says he is "pain free"!
At 85 Back To Doing What He Loves!
John L.
My symptoms are almost 100% percent gone. Balance is improved and more!
With this program you feel like a family.
Mrs. C
Even simple chores were difficult. Now I can do more! I would strongly recommend this therapy.
Now, I have more energy. I can walk with my wife again without pain!
Mr. K.


I am super pleased with my first week on this program! I came in very hesitant about trying another weight loss program! I have not been hungry! I have had incredible energy! The support of the staff is awesome! If you are like me and are gaining and gaining, frustrated and afraid you should absolutely give this a try! I have lost 14 lbs at the end of my first week!
— Yolaunda Jones
Posted October 21st 2021
Abby was great and informative. I didn't feel like I was pressed to make a decision.
— Gale Randolph
Posted October 11th 2021
Very good, well-organized presentation of the realities of Neuropathy and its progressive consequences and a quick, clear test to detect if the condition is present but, more important, a revelation that there is a treatment therapy that can provide real improvement if the condition is detected early enough. Corporate medicine and Big Pharma will not acknowledge this. There were also video testimonials from former patients attesting to the success of the treatments. The doctor and nurses were all great. Highly recommended! Scott Crafton
— Scott Crafton
Posted October 10th 2021
Very informative initial consultation today. Technician took the time to understand my journey to-date and my goals from present to future. Exciting program with sound nutrition and support.
— Carol Creasy
Posted September 21st 2021
Had an outstanding experience with Dr. Snyder today. He took the time to explain very thoroughly what was going on with my disk as well as what my options are. Showed me precisely on the X-ray what is going on. He was able to do a treatment the same day and I walked out feeling not only great but a solid understanding of what was going on. I highly recommend Dr. Snyder's practice!! Knowledgeable, patient, informative, honest
— Sharief Ferris
Posted September 20th 2021
What an awesome place. The staff was friendly and the doctor took his time with the examination. He listened to me and I felt he was addressing my medical issues.
Posted September 19th 2021
Great consultation
— LaFarn And Company
Posted September 13th 2021
This was a great experience. I was able to walk in an someone was able to take me immediately. Great service
— James Hayes
Posted September 11th 2021
Clean and professional. A program easy to follow for a lifetime not just for today.
— Frances Noblett
Posted September 8th 2021
I just completed my 5-week treatment August 22nd for rt-knee osteoporosis the injections seems to provide some relief and comfort. Initially the pain was unbearable. I will return in 6, months to see how I progress. staff is very pleasant. I welcome anyone to give it a try πŸ˜‰
— Arnold Dolphin
Posted August 24th 2021
Wonderful, awesome, genuinely care!!
— Kate Wiltsie
Posted August 21st 2021
Absolutely amazing staff and Doctor! Had hip pain for nearly 2 years and even after the first adjustment I felt completely different. Now I am almost normal with little to no pain in my lower back! Highly recommended.
— Brian Toomay
Posted July 19th 2021
Kind, sincerely caring & always ready to help!! I've been with dr. Snyder and has technicians that help him for 10 years or better! They have always gone out of their way to help me with anything or any question that I May have!! They pride Them selves in helping people with genuine πŸ’• hearts!# They are happy to help you understand how you can help yourself to Better Health and be happier about it!!
— Carolyn Davis
Posted June 30th 2021
I haven been using this Doctor long before the creation of this organization approximately 10 to 12 years. He has continually improved his practice, grown exponentially and stayed on top of the latest innovations in his field. I highly recommend his organization even for just spinal Adjustment . His practice is much more intense and advanced. Thanks for keeping me straight!!
— Jane Baker
Posted June 29th 2021
I was experiencing constant pain in my right knee due to bone on bone pain. I had very limited mobility and had a very slow gate while walking. After my procedure, I was able to regain my normal gate and have experienced no pain at all. The most important thing is I have loss 55 pounds and now have a fully active life. It is great being able to get in and out my bathtub without having to flip over and pray I can get out. Invest in yourself, you are worth it. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Snyder and his associates to anyone with ears.
— Rodney Allen
Posted May 12th 2021
Pain in shoulders and knees is gone! I walk like a man much younger than I am - walking/hiking miles per day!
— David Wilson
Posted March 7th 2021
Superb Service with Painless Results
— Patricia Ralph
Posted June 29th 2020
Sounded really great until a scam caller caused me to loose connection. Joining the next viewing on 25th
— Ronnie Kelly
Posted June 11th 2020
5 star staff and Dr Snyder has been my Chiro for 13 yrs! Always professional and has kept me physically healthy for a long time! Many thanksπŸ‘πŸ‘
— Resa Linkous
Posted April 23rd 2020
Dr. Bryant is top notch. I love hearing all the testimonials about these alternative medicines including regenerative medicines, using stem cells! Such exciting results!
— Amber Christiansen
Posted February 27th 2020
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