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Myerisha is free from Neuropathy pain, tingling, burning, coldness, & and numbness in her feet!
Before I came in, I had neuropathy in my feet. It was so bad that I couldn't sleep at night. Since I've been doing this, I have slept through the night.
I would definitely recommend this
Mr. Watts
Rodney Allen came to Dr. Snyder with extreme pain in his right knee. He could barely move or walk and had no sense of balance. Before the procedure his pain was a 10 out of 10 and he even had knee surgery scheduled. But now, after joint pain treatment, he says he is pain free! He is now able to walk with a full stride and no pain. In Rodney's own words, "It is worth your investment!"
Pain Was a 10 Out Of 10 - Now I'm Pain Free!
Rodney A.
Lottie Sacks received regenerative therapy using human cell and tissue product (HCT/P) including stem cells in our office and she is seeing amazing results! She was facing the possibility of a complete knee replacement, and after the procedure with Dr. Snyder not only has her knee pain subsided, her balance has greatly improved, she is sleeping better, and she feels her "life is fuller"!
Avoid Knee Surgery
Lottie S.
Kate W. has her life back - and it all started with a seminar! She's going up and down stairs and playing with her grandkids!
I have my life back!
Kate W.
The results have been amazing. My balance is so much better, and I am walking straight for the first time in a long time.
My medication has been cut more than 50%
Marilyn S.
Joanie P. is excited about getting back to gardening and enjoying life after her regenerative procedure at Dr. Snyder's clinic. Now she can open bottles, and no longer has numbing in her hands. She highly recommends!
Debilitating Wrist Pain is a Thing of the Past!
Joanie P.
Cathy came to Dr. Snyder with knee and shoulder pain. Six weeks after therapy she danced at a wedding, and plans on running again! She can carry her grandchildren without fear of falling and can now sleep on her shoulder. She looks forward to telling everyone about the joint pain treatment that changed everything for her!
From Knee & Shoulder Pain to Dancing at a Wedding!
Cathy P.
Trish was a college athlete who went through 2 ACL replacement surgeries plus a third orthoscopic knee surgery. Recently two orthopedic doctors told her she was bone-on-bone and would need knee replacement surgery. Instead, she had joint pain treatment and PRP (platelet rich plasma). Within three months of the procedure she's back to walking 10,000 steps a day, working out, and enjoying life with her young children WITHOUT PAIN! She can now go up and down stairs, there's no more limping, clicking or popping and no need to wrap her knee every day!
Recently two orthopedic doctors told her she was bone-on-bone and would need knee replacement surgery.
Trish G.
Rose's orthopedic doctor told her that her left knee would need to be replaced and she didn't want to do that. After attending Dr. Snyder's seminar, she decided to have the human cell and tissue transplant that is offered in his office and started to feel better right away. After six weeks she has better range of motion, can go up the steps, and her pain level that was an 8 is now a 2. She also followed our anti-inflammatory nutritional plan and has lost 13 pounds in six
Avoided Knee Replacement Surgery, Improved Range of Motion and Lost Weight!
Rose G.
Renee came to Dr. Snyder for pain in her knee and SI joint. She has allergies to prescription medications and was looking for a better option. Three months after joint pain treatment, her knee and SI pain have subsided and her brain fog has improved!
Relief from Knee & SI Joint Pain After Procedure!
Six months after receiving joint pain treatment in Dr. Snyder's office, Robert is able to move his knee without pain and no longer has to worry about wearing a brace or a wrap for support. Additionally, off camera, Robert told us that he had lost over 20 lbs by following our anti-inflammatory nutritional plan! We are so happy with the results Robert has received!
No More Knee Brace and No More Pain!
Robert B.
"I've had chronic knee pain for years and could barely walk. After just 6 weeks I'm 60% better, I can sleep through the night with no pain, and I can cross my legs which I haven't been able to do in 7 years. I'm very pleased!"
Joint Pain Treatment Worked When Nothing Else Did
Debbie B.
"I had extreme pain in my right knee and I was told that I was a candidate for knee replacement surgery. After 6 weeks I have so much less swelling, I can go up and down steps, and I feel a whole lot better."
Able to Avoid Knee Replacement Surgery
Joy B.
"I could hardly walk or go up and down steps. I had a procedure in both knees and now I'm improving every day. I can't say enough good things and everybody should do it!"
Relief from Knee Pain
Anna A.
Margaret Spivey came to Dr. Snyder because of how he had helped her son, and now, with Dr. Snyder's help and joint pain treatment, she is able to walk without a cane and get around so much better! She wishes she had met Dr. Snyder before her back surgery but is just so thankful to get some relief.
Now Walking Without Pain!
Margaret S.
Dean Ruch came to Dr. Snyder because his knee pain was so bad that he couldn't walk through the store or up the stairs without severe pain. He received joint pain treatment in our office and now, after only six weeks, he now has full range of motion in his knees, the knee pain is significantly decreased, and was able to walk 18 holes of golf better than he has in a very long time. He is back to doing the things he loves!
Now No Knee Pain and Full Range of Motion
Dean R.
After giving up so many things including running, taking walks, and even just walking up the stairs, Sally Minnekine did her research to find a doctor who just wasn't going to her medication but help her at the root of her pain. She attended Dr. Snyder's seminar and only 6 weeks after receiving joint pain treatment, she is able to take walks and get down on the floor to play with her granddaughter, something she has not been able to do for 2 years. She is so happy with her results and talks about it constantly to those around her!
Walking More Than She Has In Years
Sally M.
Day 3 after receiving therapy. Pain in knees way down. Can also rise from a sitting position without pushing down on the furniture. No hands, Mom!
Day 5: went to lunch with friend. Showed off how I could stand easily. Only two brief twinges in one knee all day. My other option was total joint replacement of both knees! I am in no pain!
After regenerative therapy
Cindy R.
Don Sussenbach was diagnosed with arthritis in his neck and shoulders which later developed into bone spurs. He was in a lot of pain but now, thanks to joint pain treatment that he received in our office, he says his pain is greatly reduced and some of his chronic pain is 100% relieved!
100% Shoulder Pain Relief
Don S.
After suffering from both Osteo Arthritis for 20 years, Caroline Morton finally has pain relief after receiving joint pain treatment in our office. Before the procedure, she was in constant pain even while she was taking high dosages of Celebrex. Now she is practically pain free and no more Celebrex! She can stand for longer and even pick up her granddaughter. Caroline calls the procedure her "miracle"!
Chronic Pain Relieved and No More Celebrex
Caroline M.
Laslo was looking for an alternative to hip surgery. He attended our seminar on regenerative medicine and agreed with the science behind it. Within the first few weeks after his therapy, he noticed a significant reduction in pain and swelling, he was able to sleep, and had increased mobility. Laslo can now walk normally and raise his legs. He is very happy with his results and is amazed at how the body can recover and regenerate!
Hip Surgery Avoided with Joint Pain Treatment!
Laslo B.
We couldn't be happier for Mr. Klammer and the results he has seen! He was on the verge of hip replacement but now that he has received such tremendous results with joint pain treatment, he has avoided hip replacement surgery! In addition, he has increased mental clarity, is much less tired, and, by following our anti-inflammatory nutritional plan, he has lost 20 lbs!
Hip Replacement Surgery Avoided
Manny K.
At 85 years young, John Long maintains a piece of property and takes care of his house, lawn, and animals all on his own. The pain he was experiencing hindered him from doing these things safely and successfully. Now, after joint pain treatment in our office, he says he is "pain free"!
At 85 Back To Doing What He Loves!
John L.
My symptoms are almost 100% percent gone. Balance is improved and more!
With this program you feel like a family.
Mrs. C
Even simple chores were difficult. Now I can do more! I would strongly recommend this therapy.
Now, I have more energy. I can walk with my wife again without pain!
Mr. K.
Carol found relief from neuropathy and her balance is back, no more tingling, sharp pains, pins and needles in her feet. She's even working out 5 days a week!
Rodney, is a dancer who could no longer feel his feet. He came to us skeptical and without hope. After treatment from our Neuropathy program he is dancing again and is AMAZED with his progress and recovery.
Mr. Mundy was suffering with pain, numbness, tingling, and severe neuropathy in his feet. After going through our treatment he can wear his work shoes again and can work all day.
Mr. Mundy
Mr. Mundy
Mr Spicer had neuropathy in both feet with burning, tingling, pins and needles. He went from a 78% and 61% nerve loss on each foot to to 35% and 28% nerve loss improvement. His A1C is now stabilized, and he's lost 30 pounds.
Mr. Spicer
Mr. Spicer
Mr. Walls suffered with pins, needles, balance issues, and severe neuropathy. His A1C dropped from 12.2 to 6.6. He feels better — no more tingling or bee stinging feeling / stepping on needles, burning, or pain.
Mr. Walls
Mr. Walls
Cheryl Lost 31 Pounds in 86 Days on Weight Loss RVA. Initially skeptical, Cheryl found Weight Loss RVA an easy plan to follow that delivered quick results. She lost 31 pounds in 86 days and has gone on to lose over 60 pounds and keep it off. She's regained her health and feels like a million bucks!
Cheryl T.
Cheryl T.
Lili Chanel with The Beat lost over 20 pounds in 60 Days with Weight Loss RVA Lili went from a size 15 to a size 11 in 60 days! She can now run a mile at the gym without being tired! Our program works and it's so easy!! She looks and feels better.
Lili C.
Lili C.
Steve Lost 85 Pounds in 18 Weeks on Weight Loss RVA He loves Weight Loss RVA - it has changed his life. For the First Time EVER he lost 85 pounds in 18 weeks and is still losing. The meal plan is easy - all foods from the grocery store. Following the plan is doable and you see results immediately.
Steve L.
Steve L.
James Lost 60 Pounds with Weight Loss RVA James struggled with his weight for over 20 years. Despite being the fitness director at CCV and working out all the time, he was unable to lose weight. Once he started Weight Loss RVA and rebooted his metabolism, the weight started falling off! He lost 55 pounds in 90 days and feels amazing. No more joint pain, he can workout like he wants to and his confidence is amazing!
James T.
James T.


Very pleasant and knowledgeable staff and doctor. Very well organized, and they explain everything in detail. I look forward to starting the treatment.
— Zrinka Orr
Posted March 17th 2023
Extremely informative presentation. I learned so much and appreciate the time they spent explaining the program to me.
— Reid Sowder
Posted March 15th 2023
Excellent customer Service Was seen right away. Staff was friendly and attentive.
— Patricia McClain
Posted February 10th 2023
Very personable and good communicators … looking forward to the next step
— Mark Teachey
Posted February 3rd 2023
Excellent program that actually works. The counselors are supportive and full of information. 10 out of 10
— Natalie Goulet
Posted January 31st 2023
Life changing!!
— Stan Andrewski
Posted January 27th 2023
I had been having chest pain for over a year, I had been to multiple doctors/chiropractors, multiple specialists and had gotten no help or progress. My neighbor recommended chronic care of Richmond and I figured why not. Doctor Snyder did not disappoint. He instantly recognized the root of the problem and started working with me. In just a few months I saw major improvement and within six months had no chest pain at all. I also had what I had assumed to be arthritis in my hands, they hurt so bad by the end of a work day, I mentioned it to him one day during a visit and with a quick adjustment on both my hands and his recommendation of taking magnesium the pain in my hands is gone, I still go see him regularly for spine and hand adjustments and it has made all the difference in the world for my quality of life. Amazing place with extraordinary staff, super friendly, and the knowledge to seriously increase quality of life! Thanks doctor Snyder and Chronic Care of Richmond for all your help!
— Jonathan Hartman
Posted January 21st 2023
Everyone at Chronic Care is very friendly and eager to help in any way they can. We come all the way from Florida to see Dr Snyder. His knowledge and expertise are not to be matched. We are so thankful for Chronic Care!!
— Teresa Hogge
Posted December 25th 2021
Staff was professional, friendly and knowledgeable about the testing that would take place and my concerns. They didn't rush me through the process. It appeared they were interested in minimizing my complaints.
— Linda McClenic
Posted January 6th 2023
Very professionaland friendly!
— David Beaver
Posted January 5th 2023
Excellent and knowledgable team! I had regenerative medicine including PRP (platelet rich plasma) in both knees in November of 2020. I learned about this procedure through my work with the Snyders. I had the opportunity to attend multiple seminars and meet several of his other patients. I have had knee problems since the 1990s when I had an ACL replacement in my left knee in 1994 and again in 1995 (same knee tore again). Then I had my knees cleaned out in 2013 by Dr. Nordt. In October of 2020 I injured my left knee doing squats at the gym. I went to see Dr. Nordt's office and his PA told me he recommended knee replacement surgery and that regenerative medicine would not work. I went to Dr. Beach, another ortho Doctor, and while he didn't say that it definitely wouldn't work, he also recommended knee replacement surgery. I continued to have severe pain - couldn't go up and down stairs, couldn't walk well or very far, had to wrap my knee, felt it was grinding and locking up constantly. My quality of life was AWFUL! Dr. Snyder at Chronic Care of Richmond recommended that I try the regenerative medicine procedure and included platelet rich plasma (PRP). I had this done in both knees in November 2020. The first three months I didn't see much difference and was worried that it might not work. He told me to give it time. By early February, EVERYTHING CHANGED!! My knee felt so much better. No more pain, it was stronger, I could go up and down stairs. I started walking 10,000 steps a day! I could play with my kids and didn't have to wrap my knee or have any more issues with grinding or locking up. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PROCEDURE. It has been absolutely the best thing I have ever done for my health. I am eternally grateful to Dr. Snyder and his team and I'm so glad that I did not get the knee replacement surgery!!!
— Trish Gibbs
Posted January 20th 2020
I can’t say enough about the revelation I had about all the contrary eating habits I have developed in my lifetime. I now know what healthy eating is, I know how to choose foods that taste good and are good for me, and I’ve learned to be more patient in the kitchen. Chronic Care of Richmond makes loosing weight a journey that makes sense.
— Dorothy Jones
Posted December 5th 2022
Dr Bryant has kept me on the field playing softball for many years. 15 or so Years ago we played softball together he noticed I was having problems with my knee or so I thought it was my knee, until he told me my hips were out of alignment. I was skeptical as that seemed to not make sense to me. He started treating me and right away relived the pain in my knee and have been going to him ever since. If it were not for him my activity level playing sports and working out would look different! Highly recommend him and his chiropractic care!
— Randy Riley
Posted July 26th 2021
Amazing team and they detailed the process up front! Looking forward to working on a game plan for my aches and pains!!
— Jamal Thomas
Posted December 2nd 2022
Always friendly, helpful and efficient. It’s great to have very little wait time. Most days I’m in-and-out in 15 minutes.
— Dawnna Ammons
Posted December 1st 2022
Informed, compassionate care.
— Theresa Terri Sammons
Posted November 28th 2022
Amber was wonderful in explaining everything about the program. I can’t wait to see my results.
— Chris Comer
Posted October 27th 2022
Everything they shared was helpful to me & I appreciate all the help she had helped me while I was there in the office 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
— Jesse Bias
Posted October 19th 2022
Very attentive to all of my needs. Very thorough explanation of neuropathy and realistic solutions.
— Doug Sutton
Posted October 2nd 2022
Went to them for back pain and they worked magic on it. Everyone there are great.
— Gregory Bliss
Posted September 28th 2022
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