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Chronic Pain Therapy: Helping To Relieve Joint Pain

Chronic joint pain is a common condition that causes great discomfort and can be debilitating for those who suffer from it. This type of joint pain is most common in the knees, shoulders, and elbows, and as the word chronic suggests, it is continuous and does not go away. While arthritis is one of the leading causes of chronic joint pain, there are various disorders and diseases that cause joint pain and inflammation. In some cases, chronic pain leads to significant interference in daily activities and the inability to carry out everyday tasks such as walking, going up and down stairs - even sleep can be difficult and uncomfortable. While arthritis and chronic joint pain is usually associated with the aging population, it can affect anyone at any age.

What are Some Common Causes of Joint Pain?

Joint pain occurs where two or more bones meet, commonly in the knees, hips, shoulders, elbows, and hands. Often, pain occurs when the cartilage in between two bones has degenerated, making the bones rub against one another. In other cases, the cartilage itself has become severely inflamed, leading to heat, swelling, and pain. The first step to dealing with this type of pain is to determine the underlying cause.


The CDC reports that Arthritis effects 24% of all adults and it is a leading cause of work disability. Osteoarthritis, the most common form of arthritis, develops when tissue and cartilage at the end of your joints and bones breaks down. This cartilage protects your bones and joints, so as it wears away the joints and bones are exposed to one another. This can cause chronic pain and inflammation in the joints.


Because the cartilage between joints is there to smooth the surface and keep mobility painless, the breakdown of this cartilage and the friction of bone rubbing against bone is the cause of the joint pain known as osteoarthritis. This breakdown in tissue can be caused by:

  • Overuse of the joint
  • Injury
  • Genetics
  • Obesity
  • Other diseases

Osteoarthritis can also simply develop over time as joints are used. Osteoarthritis is most common in older adults (aged 65 and older) and most often involves the knees, hips, spine, fingers and other frequently used joints.


The Arthritis Foundation states that osteoarthritis impacts up to 31 million Americans. Symptoms that point to osteoarthritis include:

  • Limited mobility in joints, which may improve as the day goes on
  • Noises when moving joints such as grinding or clicking
  • Mild swelling in joints
  • Soreness or stiffness in joints
  • Pain that becomes worse with more activity

As a degenerative condition, osteoarthritis generally becomes worse over time. For this reason, many people eventually seek osteoarthritis treatment in order to maintain mobility and manage pain.

Experiencing chronic pain due to arthritis can be disheartening and frustrating. With over 100 different types of arthritis, it can be difficult to pinpoint the right osteoarthritis treatment for you.

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Osteoarthritis treatment in Richmond with Chronic Care of Richmond could greatly reduce your pain and improve your quality of life.

Finding Osteoarthritis Treatment in Richmond

With so many different types of arthritis and so many possible joints impacted by osteoarthritis, selecting the treatment that makes the most sense for your specific needs can be overwhelming. However, maintaining a high quality of life and allowing you to continue participating in the events and activities you wish to is worth the work of finding the right osteoarthritis treatment.

Common Treatments

Osteoarthritis cannot be cured or reversed, so osteoarthritis treatments are aimed at managing the pain and preserving as much mobility as possible. One of the most common treatments is to take NSAIDs (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) such as ibuprofen to treat the pain and swelling caused by osteoarthritis. In some cases, doctors may recommend physical therapy or transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation as osteoarthritis treatment.

Osteoarthritis Treatment with Chronic Care of Richmond

While over-the-counter painkillers are the most common osteoarthritis treatment in Richmond, many people suffering from osteoarthritis do not want to take painkillers continuously. Additionally, sometimes these medications are not sufficient to treat the pain and mobility issues caused by osteoarthritis. In some cases, if the disease is very progressed, doctors will recommend surgeries to try to treat osteoarthritis.

Chronic Care of Richmond uses an alternative approach to chronic pain therapy that relies on the healing power of the body. Using medical procedures to address the inflammation and work to regenerate the body’s tissue, Chronic Care of Richmond offers alternative pain management instead of invasive surgery or ongoing medication. This neuropathic approach truly addresses the issue, instead of covering it up as painkillers do.

You deserve to enjoy a walk through the neighborhood, a round of golf with friends, or a day at the beach with your family without suffering from pain or mobility issues all day. At the same time, no one wants to live with the constant worry of what side effects might arise due to taking ibuprofen on an ongoing basis.

That’s why Chronic Care of Richmond leverages FDA-approved protocols and all therapies are highly researched to offer an alternative to surgeries with long recovery times or endless regimens of medications. Osteoarthritis treatments from Chronic Care of Richmond work with the body’s natural function to regenerate the tissue within impacted joints and to reduce inflammation within the body.

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I have experienced long suffering from a severe back injury that occurred more than 15 years ago. I have been coming to Chronic Care for more than 5 years. Dr. Snyder is highly skilled and his adjustments are very effective.
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Very informative and answered all my questions. Thanks !
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Amber with Chronic Care of Richmond has the best personality!! I hope the others helping me thru this ordeal are as well! I'm looking forward to getting to know them all.❤
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Had my initial appointment and met with Amber - she was great. The pricing, which of course is gone over at the very end, was too much for me. It's $1,797.00!! They do offer financing which is great but its still $300 for 6 months or $200 for 9 months.... I just couldn't swing it but with what they offer I believe this...
— M Meeks
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We had learned of Dr. Snyder‘s practice from a good friend who had stem cell replacement therapy for damaged knee cartilage. We scheduled an appointment and were greeted by a thoroughly professional team of providers. We asked the appropriate questions and the answers we were given made us confident enough to proceed...
— Debbie Duffy
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Amber was very informative and tactful. Looking forward to working with them.
— Carl Russell
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All of the staff was very nice. I mostly worked with Amber but she broke everything down for me so well and was very patient as we tried to figure out the best financial route for me. Also this place is WAY cheaper than others I’ve looked into
— LeNae McEachin
Posted June 10th 2022
Very nice staff and going to help me with my back problems I am telling every they are the best
— Gregory Brown
Posted May 27th 2022
Abby was great. Program seemed easy. However, the medicine drops I was allergic to. They were very prompt to fix the whole situation and made everything right . Great business and very honest people. I couldn’t do the program but definitely recommend!!
— Jennifer Antle
Posted May 23rd 2022
Amber was very sweet. Enjoyed talking about the program with her.
— Joy Harris-Cobb
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The people that works there were very polite and professional 🥰🙏🏾💪🏽
— Myra Baugh
Posted April 19th 2022
Staff was welcoming and very thorough with explaining the program. Impressive !
— Linda C
Posted March 21st 2022
Program was explained and I was given an opportunity to ask questions. Service today was great and would recommend to others.
— Gwendolyn Owens
Posted March 7th 2022
Amazing program!!
— Beth Kennedy
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I learned a lot during my session. The staff was friendly and courteous. The doctor was very honest about what he could and could not do for me. I will definitely be going back.
— Mildred Britton
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Very friendly staff. The Doctor is thorough and really cares.
— William Hoover
Posted February 15th 2022
I just had a consultation today and x-rays done . The staff and Dr. Synder were professional and friendly. I have to come back to discuss what procedure would be best for me.
— Gina Brown
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Staff was friendly and kept me informed of what was going on. Dr was patient and explained what was going on with my back, leg, and groin. I was very pleased that after seeing 3 other Drs I was finally able to find an answer to my pain.
— Christine Peyton
Posted February 8th 2022
I was anxious to get stated on the Weight Loss RVA program and Courtney stepped up with all of the information. She gave me a booklet explaining everything about how the plan works, some good pointers about working the diet, and some great recipes. She also gave me a lovely 64-oz water bottle. I start tomorrow and i...
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Great initial consultation! Looking forward to seeing how this works! Will have a follow-up review!
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